All you need to know about low loader trailers

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Low-loader trailers are one of the most versatile and useful machines that have been designed to transport large and heavy equipment. Low loaders are the first pick for transportation, whether it is an excavator, crane, dump truck, etc.

The primary advantage in the case of loaders is that the deck height can be dropped. This unique functionality allows the operators to load the machines without using a fixed ramp. This makes transportation easier to remote sites. The lower deck also allows for the accommodation of taller machines without the need to get a special permit. If your company is based in Kulim and you are looking for a loader, check out low loader Kulim.

Low loaders use specific hydraulic suspensions to transport equipment from one location to another. The length-optimized loading platforms, as well as low loading heights, make them cost-effective equipment. There are many varieties of low loaders in the market: from mechanically detachable to fixed neck varieties. These perform many carrying tasks like guarding the construction machines for road work, excavation, screening equipment, etc.

Loaders have proven themselves to be the best transportation option for long distances. A few common users of loaders are as follows.


This is possibly the most common use of loaders. In the construction industry, loaders are needed to transport equipment used for constructing bridges and roads.

Heavy vehicles

The use of loaders does the transportation of heavy vehicles from one showroom to another. These heavy vehicles may include trucks, buses, tractors, and other similar-sized vehicles. Trailers can be used to move these vehicles from the showroom to the customer. Loaders are also used for the transportation of cars by stacking them to maximize the area available.

Mining machinery

Mining involves a lot of transport. The equipment and materials get transported from one location to another. The heavy machinery used in mining is assembled off-site and brought to the mining site by low-loader trailers. Mining machinery is one of the heaviest cargo to be transported on the road. Therefore, low loaders are preferred.

Rail vehicles

Loaders are the best way to transport rail vehicles since they are very heavy and bulky. Any and all types of rail vehicles can be transported by low loaders like locomotives, rail motor coaches, and long rail vehicles.

Forestry equipment

Heavy equipment machinery is needed to process the wood products and timber before their transport. Low loaders are generally used to transport these machines since they can withstand the rough terrain of the forest. If you are thinking to get a low loader in Penang, check out low loader Penang.

Agricultural equipment

Farming is normally done away from cities and towns. Therefore, the cranes, bulldozers, excavators, etc., get transported to the muddy farms by low-loader trailers.

Whether construction or mining or agriculture, low loaders are the most efficient way to address all your transportation needs. Go for a company that gives you 24-hour logistical assistance and support for transporting the machine.