Canon Printer Setup Installation Guide

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How to install Canon Printer

Canon printers come with an installation CD that users can use to connect the printer to their computer. Additional printing applications may be included on the Canon Printer Settings CD, depending on the printer model. For example, Pixma MX922 has EasyPhotoPrint and MyImageGarden applications for creating and printing photo projects. This method is an easy way to quickly print a CD with the necessary software, but you can connect your computer to a Canon printer even if you don’t have a CD.

Installing a Canon Printer on Windows

If you are using the Microsoft Windows version on your computer, you need to log in as an administrator before installing the printer driver software from the Canon installation CD or visit the support page.  After installing and downloading the driver software, you can launch it. If you don’t start the download right away, you can find it in your My Downloads folder and double-click on it. After the installation is complete and the printer driver has been installed, you may still need to follow the steps in Windows to add the printer to your computer. This step depends on your version of Windows. If you are unsure how to do this, enter “add a printer” in the search box on the control panel.

Installing a Canon Printer on a Mac

Finding and downloading Canon software for installation is the same as Windows for Mac computers. After installing the downloaded software, you may need to install your printer by going to the Printers & Scanners section in System Preferences. If the printer software is properly installed on your Mac, the printer appears in the list of connected printers and can be added by clicking the Add button.

Using the built-in print driver

If you want to print quickly and easily without wasting time downloading and installing other drivers and software, you can take advantage of your computer’s built-in drivers. Newer versions of Windows and Mac computers include drivers for some of the most popular brands of printers as part of the operating system.

This driver only works with a printer that supports USB connectivity and does not support many of the special features that the printer can provide. Make sure you can use the built-in driver. , Connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable and turn on the printer (Mac USB port may be required).

In most cases, printer installation starts when you turn it on. After the installation is complete, you can add the printer. You can print using this method, buy Canon recommends downloading the appropriate software if you want to print a lot.