Dangers of Mixing Cocaine and Marijuana and Polysubstance Treatment Options in Houston

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Cocaine and marijuana are both quite popular among those who take drugs for fun. Quite a number of persons who use cocaine also smoke marijuana or vice versa. Others use marijuana before they snort the drug. Cocaine and marijuana are sometimes used together, although this is dangerous because of the increased risk of addiction and the severe negative consequences of both drugs. Knowing the potential consequences of mixing cocaine and marijuana is, thus, crucial.

Side Effects of Mixing Cocaine and Marijuana

Some individuals are now abusing marijuana laced with cocaine, often without realizing it. Drug traffickers often mix harder substances with their goods, such as cocaine with marijuana, which is popular among certain users in order to increase their profits. From a drug dealer’s perspective, lacing cannabis with cocaine not only increases the product’s weight and price but also makes the narcotic very addictive. The customer’s continued use of the dealer’s cannabis after being exposed to a laced version of it strengthens the dealer’s clientele. 

The dangers of mixing cocaine and cannabis are the same, whether intentional or unintentional. Weed laced with cocaine typically has the following effects: 

  • Increasing cocaine cravings.
  • Reducing the stimulant side effects of cocaine, which can lead to heavier cocaine abuse.
  • Increasing the risk of heart attack, seizures, and blood clots.
  • Drowsiness.
  • A prolonged high.

At times, individuals mix cocaine with cannabis in a blunt to reduce the withdrawal symptoms (cravings, sleeplessness) and to increase the duration of the drug’s effects. Marijuana counteracts the vasoconstrictive effects of cocaine, allowing for a greater quantity of the stimulant to reach circulation quicker. This might put additional strain on the cardiovascular system.

An overdose may occur if a substance is taken more rapidly than prescribed. Toxicity from cocaine may persist in the body even after the initial symptoms of marijuana abuse have subsided. This implies that there will be interactions between the medications even if they aren’t taken at the same time. 

Coke and cannabis are also both known to cause paranoia and anxiety; thus, combining them increases the risk of mental illness. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include a heightened susceptibility to depression. High dosages of either medicine or the use of both drugs may thus increase the risk of psychosis.

Seek The Best Polysubstance Abuse Treatment in Houston

Treatment for substance abuse involving many substances is more wanting than abuse of a single substance, and a more all-encompassing therapeutic approach is often required. The physical toll of detoxing from several drugs might make drug withdrawal periods more challenging for certain people.

Detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, support groups, psychotherapy, and aftercare programs are all part of the treatment continuum for drug addictions, including cocaine and marijuana. People who use cocaine and marijuana concurrently need individualized treatment plans for both addictions. Professional treatment programs are best for recovering from drug abuse since they have trained medical professionals to assess withdrawal symptoms and create a unique plan for each patient.

Cocaine and marijuana addiction is treatable with the right support. Contact Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston if you or somebody you care about needs assistance in finding the best treatment for their cocaine and marijuana addiction.