Essential Vitamins, Nutrients, And Proteins For Hair Growth

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The real secret to hair care is that it requires vital nutrients, vitamins, and proteins to stay healthy just like the rest of your body. If your diet is lacking in the right nutrients, vitamins, and proteins, then it can significantly affect the health of your hair. Moreover, if your hair isn’t healthy and strong, then getting professional hair colour done will only damage it further. The solution? Well, taking supplements is one way to go about it. However, did you know that, today, there are so many hair care products that include ingredients rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins? For example, a keratin hair shampoo can help provide your locks with a regular boost of keratin, which is a structural protein present in the hair.

Read on for a list of essential food elements that are necessary for hair growth as well as hair care products that’ll help you get your daily dose of them!

  • Vitamin B
    Also known as biotin, vitamin B occurs naturally in a wide range of foods like whole grains, almonds, seafood etc. However, a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to hair loss. B-vitamins also act as carriers of oxygen. They create red blood cells which help provide oxygen and other nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp. The Godrej Professional Avocado Nourish Shampoo is loaded with vitamin B and strengthens hair.
  • Vitamin E
    Essential for hair growth, vitamin E can be found in foods such as avocados, almonds, and spinach. It is an antioxidant that helps protect the cells present in the hair. A deficiency in this vitamin may result in hair loss. Godrej Professional’s Avocado Nourish Shampoo is a rich source of this vitamin. Additionally, the Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum, which is enriched with jojoba oil, and Keracare Repair Shampoo also provide vitamin C to the hair.
  • Vitamin C
    The presence of vitamin C is very important for the health of the hair. In addition to being an antioxidant, this vitamin also helps in the production of collagen, which forms the structure of the hair. Vitamin C in the body is linked to the presence of iron as well, as the former helps in absorption of iron. Iron too is necessary for healthy hair. All citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C. Godrej Professional’s Protect Shine Serum also provides vitamin C to the hair.
  • Proteins
    The presence of proteins in your foods and hair care products is of utmost importance as they form the structure of the hair. For example, keratin is a naturally occurring protein that is present in the hair. Products like keratin shampoos and keratin masks help provide an external boost of the same to the hair. Additionally, wheat protein is another plant protein that is important for hair growth. The Godrej Professional Keracare Repair Shampoo is fortified with hydrolyzed wheat protein which prevents hair thinning and adds volume to the tresses.
  • Zinc
    If you’ve been experiencing hair loss, then it might be time to increase your intake of foods that provide zinc. Zinc is essential for repair and tissue growth of the hair. It also ensures that the oil glands around the hair follicles function smoothly. However, one must be careful because too much zinc too can be bad for the hair. Lentils, spinach, and pumpkin seeds are some foods that are rich in zinc.
  • Iron
    Iron is an essential mineral that contributes not just to healthy hair, but also to the overall functioning of the body. A deficiency in iron can lead to anemia; a common symptom of which is hair loss. In addition to using hair care products that provide iron, one can also incorporate iron-rich foods into their diet. Lots of leafy vegetables, lentils, and soybean are rich sources of iron.

Apart from using hair care products that provide the above-mentioned nutrients, minerals, and proteins, you can also go for supplements.