Five Important Reasons Why Leadership is Important in a Business

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A leader is a person who leads from the front with everyone rallying behind him. A great leader is the one who has a following where his ideas are in tune with his followers with no discrepancy. Every business has a mission, and a leader keeps his employees motivated at all levels through honesty, genuineness, passion, and transparency. A strong vision does accompany the other factors, and the past has proven that such leaders are essential and have a backup of employees with high morale.

In this context, there are five essential reasons great leadership is critical to the success of the business.

Motivation and harnessing employees:

There is a difference between a manager and a leader. A manager would always say ‘ Go,’ and a leader would always say ‘ Let’s go.

Extraordinary leaders work towards a goal that everyone can get behind. A great leader like Kris Thorkelson and others know how to lead a team through honesty and genuine passion. Kris Thorkelson Owner and Thomas Haughton Vice President of My Place Realty, a Winnipeg based real estate company working with a vision to not only provide quality houses and apartments to residents but also to integrate the business within the community and find ways that it could support and sustain it.

Strong leadership involves being able to motivate, communicate and plan effectively which results in a stronger team and increased productivity, says Nicole Vulcan who has been a journalist since 1997.

A great business leader would want to harness his employees to become better people and the result of good employees. They always consult the employees for their ideas on a particular issue and develop their understanding. The purpose of this is to make the employees believe how good they are and hone their skills to build a strong team. Unity is not the only factor created, but their complaining attitude goes down.

The business should move in one direction; Forward!

It is a fact that a good header has only one ultimate vision, and only a weak leader would make changes in the company’s objectives. Such changes deter every employee, and they lose sight of what the original vision is. Good leaders build their vision for long term objectives, and their decisions of a “yes” or a ‘ no’ are immediate and strict. The ideal leader does not build a short-term vision, and if so, there would be a loss of focus.

Creation of loyal customers:

It is a well-known fact that employees create customers, but one should observe that creating a good employee is in the hands of a good leader. Therefore, the leader creates customers too. A disgruntled employee can spoil even a loyal customer due to bad management.

Brand ambassadors created inadvertently:

Good leaders create passionate employees who take pride in what they work for and who they work for. This feeling percolates into a sense of belonging. The employee would go out of the way to create an impression of the company’s various products, which is extra, work done well. All these stem from their leader’s passion, which becomes contagious and affects the performance of the employee. In other words, a good leader creates a friendly environment that allows the employee to shine at his brightest.

Inspirational leaders inspire leaders to be:

A good leader does not confine his abilities to himself, but preach them to their employees to make them leaders. There is no doubt that every employee would want to climb the rungs of the organization ladder to become a good manager one day and lead from the front. This would promote proactiveness and contribute to the growth of the company.


It can be summarized from the above, that leadership is a key factor which determines the success of a business. It is not easily achievable unless the bond between the employees and the management are strengthened with the factors mentioned herein.