Full Laundry Service for your Towels and Home Fabrics

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American Dry Cleaning Company offers a full laundry service where we can collect, wash, press and return all of your household fabrics, linens and towels the same day!

Can we wash your duvet or blankets? Yes, we can! What about my pillows, bed sheets and bath towels? Yes, we can wash and press those for you too! In fact, we offer our customers a full same-day laundry service where we can take care of your household fabrics as well as your mixed laundry, including underwear and sleepwear.

One of the most common questions our team is asked regularly is – how long should I leave my towels between washes? It is amazing how useful towels are, but we do tend to take these essential items completely for granted. 

Let’s take a look at why you should use our same day full-laundry-service to keep your towels clean, feeling soft and smelling fresh!

Why we shouldn’t take our towels for granted

How often do you use a bath towel to dry off after a bath or shower and simply hang it back up to dry and use again the next day? Can you remember the last time you changed that towel for a clean one?

The thing with towels is that they don’t only absorb a lot of water after a bath or shower. They can remain warm and damp for many hours, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. 

Forgetting to change and wash your towels regularly can leave unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi to grow and spread. 

So, how often should you wash your towels? Here is a brief guide to help keep your towels clean and germ-free:

Bath towels

Surprisingly, most people will throw their bath towel into their weekly wash – if they remember. However, The Cleaning Institute recommend people wash their bath towels after every three uses, so this would mean washing your bath towels twice per week if you shower or take a bath daily. 

Regular washing of your bath towels will remove any dirt, viruses, germs and bacteria and stop them from breeding and multiplying. Also, washing your bath towels at 60C is recommended as lower temperatures are not sufficient to kill bacteria.

If you regularly use a bath towel as your gym towel, which is used to mop up sweat or to wipe down equipment in the gym, then this should be cleaned after every single use.

Wash-cloths towels

Wash-cloths or face flannels are mostly used to wipe over your face to keep it clean, but rubbing your eyes, nose and mouth with a dirty wash-cloth is a very easy way to spread germs and introduce bacteria into your body. You should only use wash-cloths once then put them into your laundry basket. 

Hand towels

Hand towels are commonly left out for everyone to use in your household, as well as for anyone visiting your home. This is why it is even more important to change your hand towels on a daily basis to help prevent the spread of germs or infections to others in your family.

Tea towels

Tea towels are normally used to dry clean dishes, so you can usually wash these after every second or third use. However, if you use your tea towel to mop up spills and food or drink splashes in your kitchen, then it would be wise to change these daily to prevent bacteria and germs building up and spreading to your hands and kitchen work surfaces. 

A 2014 study looking at bacteria in tea towels found a reported 89 per cent had coliform bacteria on them. The study also found 25 per cent had E. coli on them.

Full-laundry-services offered by American Dry Cleaning Company can be a great solution for keeping on top of your towel usage and health. You can book our FREE collection and delivery service where you can use our same-day laundry services. Why not book today!