Great Solutions for the Anxiety Deals for You

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Put yourself in a non-stressful situation. You have to take the time to arrive very early at the airport, in order to be able to move at a very slow, relaxed pace. You should not run in all directions. We also advise travelers to check in their luggage the day before departure directly on the internet. The earlier you arrive with your hands in your pockets, the more relaxed you will be as you pass the boarding gate.

Provide a toolbox

For long haul, airlines provide movies, music or podcasts. But nothing prevents you from taking with you a book that calms you down, to have the latest episodes of your favorite series on your tablet, or to concoct a special playlist for the flight. Some are also suitable for art therapy, in particular coloring. There is no ideal activity, there is one that works for you. You can choose therapy for anxiety near me and come up with the perfect solutions now.

  • Never forget why you are traveling. You don’t fly for the sake of flying, your goal is to travel for a specific reason. Whether it’s a business meeting or a vacation, you should try to focus on the reason for the trip and not the trip itself. You should not focus on the few hours of flight, which is actually the smallest part of your trip.
  • Do not watch the weather forecast before boarding. Generally, when a passenger barely installed on the plane asks us what the weather conditions are or recites them to us by heart, it means that he is distressed. Do yourself a favor: don’t even check the weather forecast on the day of the flight. Let us handle this aspect, it’s our job.

What to do during the flight to deal with anxiety?

If, despite all these tips, you are anxious during the flight, there are always solutions not to panic.

Try to meditate or do some sophrology exercises. Try to tame your surroundings, so that it doesn’t seem less hostile to you. If you suffer from claustrophobia, get up, watch how big the device is, step out of your only body envelope or the sphere of your passenger seat. In Air France planes, we have a relaxation program , with the Mind app. You can meditate through exercises designed by the author of the bestseller “Meditating, day after day”, Christophe André. For children, we also have a reference book: “Calm and attentive like a frog” by Eline Snel. Anxiety can be at any age, whether you are a child or an adult, Your child might look anxious many time, you can consider why your child might need youth counseling or not.

Remember to alert the flight crew

We are all trained, at least at Air France, to help you in case of anxiety. Just having someone to take care of you, listen to you and reassure you can be enough. We also have a first aid kit on board. Some light medications can be given during the flight, others, stronger, will only be given with the approval of a doctor. If there is none on board, we call the Samu.