How Employee Self Service Portal Eases Payroll Management

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Payroll management is the process of administration of employees’ financial records comprising of salary earned, leaves taken, unpaid leaves, loans taken and so on. To get a clear picture of state of health of any organization, the payroll managing software can be quite helpful.

One of the important features of this software is employee self service portal. This portal comprises of a sign-on dashboard whose authority lies with the employee whose account opens on it as soon as induction in the organization happens. Some of the important roles extracted from this self-service portal for employees are:

  1. Biometric attendance management: This portal records all successful logins made on any day. The biometric attendance record is also integrated to facilitate fast salary computation. The how to track remote employees workers can also register their working time just by logging on to the portal.

The record of late attendance, frequently availed unpaid leaves, etc. help organizations find problems and correct them. On the basis of these records, the HR department can counsel employees who do not fit in or can train them for improvement in work.

  1. Leave management: The employees can see their leave record in complete privacy. They can also apply for leaves and get them approved from their supervisors quickly and without disturbing anybody’s routine.
  1. Taxation management: Employees can get the first hand report of the TDS deducted from their salary. They can also download salary slips right from their software accounts and can retrieve other documents like Form 16, etc. that helps them get clear picture of tax liability. The employees can also get access to tax-saving schemes available for investment from this portal.

A major portion of HR department’s activities gets done without manual intervention using payroll software. This reduces the workload of HR department and drives employee satisfaction, too, through speedier processes.