How To Choose The Perfect Decor For Your Walls

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You likely own a collection of photographs taken from your travels abroad. You can show off these photographs in an artistic way through custom canvas prints where an image is printed from an inkjet printer to the canvas. After the image has been printed, it will be stretched on a wooden frame before you can display it on your wall.

Frameless Vs. Framed Canvas Print

You have a choice between the frameless and the framed canvas print. The frameless canvas print is made through a gallery-wrapping technique where the canvas is wrapped around stretcher bars before it is secured to a frame. The framed canvas print is stretched into a frame after it is printed.

Choosing between custom canvas print and framed prints

Many interior decorators mix and match canvas prints and framed prints to create a unique space. Framed prints can complement the general room decor if the colour scheme connects to the frame. The type of frame chosen for the artwork can also change the mood of the room. If a simple black border frame is used the focus of attention will be on the artwork or photography while stylized frames will bring out the photograph’s character.

Meanwhile, canvas prints are used for decor to create a more versatile space because they can adapt easily to any design style. The vibrancy of colour is enhanced when frameless canvas prints are used. This will give more life to a room because new focal points are created through vibrant pop-ups of colour. However, it is important to maintain cohesion.

When you use framed prints as decor, you can change the photos on the frame as often you want. In canvas prints, whatever image is printed remains permanent. Framed prints easily complement any room decor but canvas prints add a different texture and colour. Canvas prints do not have the glare and reflection of framed prints which means that they can be used in brightly lit rooms.

Large frames are usually expensive and heavy while canvas prints are lighter in weight. Because of the weight of frames, they can be quite difficult to transport which adds to the price of the frame. Instead of a large framed print, a better option is the multi-panel canvas prints or extra-large canvas prints of a special family portrait.

Large or oversized custom canvas prints with an appealing photograph can be used in bedrooms, guestrooms, and hallways. It can be placed above a signature piece of furniture or above the headboard. A tall canvas print can be used as a standalone decor in the living room or office. It can be a portrait of the family on a special occasion or a holiday. It can be a picture of a landscape that looks great on canvas.

Using Wall art Paintings to Decorate Your House

Exhibitions display original artworks hung up all over their walls. The main goal is for crowd to look at them and enjoy the creative expressed in the form of art. Does that mean original art painting have a decorative function? The simple answer is yes as they help focus people’s attention on that creativity along with the furniture and other elements.

We recommend you to put up hand painted artwork to decorate your house and fill your walls with art, without them losing their decorative function. Throughout history, people have used art painting as an interior decoration, especially in the homes of the rich. Today if you are interested on paintings to buy , you have choice to pick the original painting with in your budget as available Online with many trusted sites like www.indianartzone.com and use them to decorate your house.