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A tire shredder is a type of industrial shredding that is designed to shred tires that are either old or not usable again. Having a  tire shredder offers you a business opportunity because tire rubbers can be used for different things such as lightweight construction fill, landscape mulch, road surfacing, it can also be used in constructing playground surfaces, who knows you may be producing that which will be used in filling playground in the next tournament of Olympics.

You may want to ask how then do I make money from shredding tires before we even get to discuss making money from tire-shredding, we need to look at what are necessaries for ensuring effective work, a tire shredder which is the main component in working as a tire shredder, and you must understand that tire shredders varies in their types as they are designed for specificity as they are also different tire sizes and qualities, also tires, will be needed in as many numbers as you can get, and of course, space where the tire shredder will be placed to ensure an efficient and smooth running of the business. The next question now becomes how then do I get tires? 

The use of automobiles over the years has increased gradually across the globe, there are an estimated 1.4 billion cars around the world as of today. Automobile users at some point get to replace their tires for many reasons, tires are said to be replaced at least every six years according to experts, that is because over time tires get old, become dry, and can get cracked, which can lead to a blowout or flat tire. The awareness of this has given a wide range of access to tires that are not in use again or have been abandoned by its owner.

The easiest way to acquire tires for shredding is by working in partnership with people in the automobile industry as they will have to lay some tires that are not usable asides, and instead of it adding up and polluting the environment, causing more harm than good, as doing this help in reducing landfills space, reduces the release of the toxic chemical into the atmosphere, also prevent the spread of diseases which could occur by piling of the tires. You can even offer to help the owner of the tires to dispose of tires at a low or no cost, which grants you access to tires that can be shredded in turn making you money by using a tire shredder.