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Placing Electrical Outlets In a New Home

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The design and various aspects of project management of a new home can take all your attention, and you end up forgetting to mark out the location of electric outlets. If you do not accept this as a priority, you may have outlets not conveniently placed. Since we use electricity with various gadgets each day, it is essential to work and be suitably placed. When determining where to put an outlet, same day trades direct you to view a room and consider how you will arrange the furniture and other fittings.

Let’s go through this breakdown to give you a clue where to have your electric outlet in various rooms. 


Where you place your furniture will determine your socket’s locations. The priority is the bed which will guide you as you will most likely put up a bedside lamp and an outlet to charge your phone during the night. If you intend to have a TV in the bedroom, choose where to place an outlet that will enable you to watch comfortably. Mostly you will get ready in the morning in the same room, so ensure where you place your dressing table has an outlet. This will give you an easier time if you use a light-up mirror, straighteners, and hairdryer.


Though most appliances requiring electricity are placed in the kitchen, same-day trades have guidelines that make the marking of outlets easy. Start with marking where your main gadgets will be, such as the dishwasher, fridge, and oven. Remember, these outlets should be durable and exclusive for use with heavy power consumables. Then get an outlet for other small appliances which consume less power, such as microwave, blender, and toaster.


Not many new homeowners remember the bathroom as a place to mark out electrical outlets. However, there are various gadgets such as an electric shaver or toothbrush that require a socket. The place to have these outlets needs to be thought out carefully as Same day trades advice to avoid them coming into contact with water while the bathroom is cleaned. At the same time, they are easily reachable.

Home Office

If you plan on having a home office, place your electric outlets along the wall after first considering where to put your working station. However, to give you room for creativity with where you place your desk, you can have floor plugs that enhance organization.

Types of sockets

An electrician Adelaide will discuss with you the different types of electrical outlets and which type is best suited for each room. They have various features. For example, what is fit for the bedroom is not the same as what is used in the kitchen. The most commonly used is the 15A, 120 Volt, which is available in two kinds.

  • The Two-pronged sockets which have two slots and don’t have a grounded connection
  • The three-pronged socket has three slots, and one of them has a ground connection.

These sockets are reasonably priced and easy to install. They are the best use in lighting and for appliances that require the least wattage.

Give priority on where to place your electric outlets such as in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for convenience.