Smart Review Solutions As Per the Options for You

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The reviews online are of primary importance for all instruments and whole. Yet there are still many online shops that do not take advantage of this opportunity, not understanding the great benefits that reviews – even negative ones – can guarantee to a business. The benefits are many and varied, and they have to do with both SEO and our mind.

Social proof

To understand what the effect of the reviews is, it is certainly useful to pick up on the masterpiece, or the famous The Weapons of Persuasion. As is well known, in this essay the American psychologist presented the 6 principles of persuasion, that is commitment and consistency, reciprocity, authority, sympathy, scarcity and, precisely, social proof, which is probably the principle most exploited at the level of web marketing in recent years. Visit https://www.knowitallnev.com/ for the right results now.

But what does social proof consist of?

It is immediately said: people are led to imitate the actions of others. This certainly does not mean that your customers cannot make decisions independently, without looking at the behavior of others; however, there is no doubt that, in case of doubt, any person tends to do what the majority does. The implicit reasoning is simple: if 100 people act that way, they are most likely right, and it is therefore advisable to do the same.

  • Social proof is therefore the result of different ‘social’ forces. Living in community, man is accustomed to worry about the thoughts of others, and therefore to behave like his fellow men. At the same time, performing the same actions as others helps us strengthen our sense of identity and belonging to a specific group.
  • Here, then, is the first big advantage of using reviews in an online store: these micro-texts allow potential customers to see that many other people have already made that purchase. And if they did, most likely there are very good reasons to repeat that action!

Of course, reviews are not the only elements capable of stimulating the principle of social proof: there are also counters to report the number of purchases already made by users , shares on social networks , testimonials statements and so on. But reviews also have many other benefits to take advantage of!

The advantages of reviews on online portals

You can write product descriptions intriguing and surprising, to present the high-resolution photographs and can be rotated 360 degrees, but nothing like the reviews from other customers never be able to convince users to make a purchase online. Those are in fact disinterested and sincere opinions, which have a double value compared to the texts created ad hoc by the producer and the distributor.


Of course, many e-commerce managers continue to stay away from reviews because they fear rightly that, once this section is activated in their online store, positive reviews will be accompanied by negative ones. The fact that it is not at all nice to receive negative criticism about your products and services does not rain. However, it should be noted that even negative reviews can bring advantages to an e-commerce, first of all because their presence guarantees new users the transparency of the merchant, as well as the veracity of the reviews themselves.