Things To Do Before Launching Your App: Complete Checklist

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It is not hidden from the world that Mobile App Development is an overwhelming process. 

This time-consuming process requires the involvement of the entire development team, from designers and developers to content writers and graphic designers, and it can take months, sometimes even years! 

What goes behind an app is more than simply live on platforms like Play Store or App Store. As the front-end is finished, developers tend to finish the task soon and publish it. Unfortunately, this ultimately leaves no room for corrections or additions. This situation very often leads to lousy execution and significantly affects the download count as well as in-app engagement.

In this case, planning a phased launch would result in excellent and productive execution with little to no room for technical difficulties. 

Sadly, there exists no magic potion for an app to achieve skyrocketed success and ensure numerous downloads as soon as it’s published. However, you can still work for the betterment of your app launch by being mindful of the things mentioned below:



With the market flooding with different and new apps every day, the exponential rise in competitors is alarming. In such a situation, knowing your target audience and their pattern of usage could benefit you in a lot of ways. 

Before the final launch of your app, knowing your set of audience and target market is crucial because it will lead your app to its right destination. 

The right marketing strategy would never fail your app launch. On the contrary, it’s a vital step to encourage more and more downloads. 


The accurate pricing of your application is a deciding factor for the potential success of your app launch. Whether or not the app created by you will be paid or free depends on your decision. You will have to make this decision earlier in the app development process. 

Monetization and ROI(Return of Investment) are two very crucial aspects of investing in your app. Finding proper engagement and usership to generate revenue is a smart way of earning profit through your mobile app. 

But it is not to be forgotten that free apps generate the most revenue. 


If you don’t have a mobile app marketing strategy yet, it’s high time for you to make one. All the hard work will go in vain if you don’t promote and market your app correctly. 

Therefore, the focus between developing the mobile app and marketing has to be divided mindfully, taking into consideration all the factors that affect the growth of your mobile app. 

Getting your app promoted on social media platforms like Instagram through Instagram ads and promotions is an excellent way of putting your word out there. 

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In a dog-eat-dog world, it becomes exceptionally stringent to know the power of your competitors. Hence, resulting in thousands of apps getting added to the platforms every day! 

With such competition around, standing out is not a choice but a necessity. Market Segmentation is one such way of recognizing your key competitors. 

Studying similar apps in the market would make you aware of your weaknesses. 


Quality Assurance is strictly important before you launch your app as a beginner. Therefore, going thoroughly through reviews, ratings, and testimonials should be marketed as an initial goal. 

Unless you’re an established mobile app developer, it can be difficult to get mobile device users to trust your app’s value enough to find a way to download it and repay it with testimonials.

Have you tested your application on real people? If not, you should; This allows you to optimize your application according to the reviews. 

Keep track of your potential users and implement the suggestions provided by the current users. This would ensure a higher download rate. 


Making a webpage for your business idea is like giving a face to your innovative app presence. Create productive app marketing strategies to establish a mobile desktop presence.

If you are successful in doing so, a lot of people will have direct access to look for numerous mobile apps on their desktop itself, be it at work or as they are in the final stages of making the purchase. So, your website could make a live hub for people interested in the subject so that they can read up on it and gather necessary information about the app created by you.

Yet another perk of creating a webpage or a website is its ability to collect emails on a timely basis. The ultimate goal is to capture the maximum possible emails before the launch date of your mobile application. The number of emails would directly result in a hike in downloads.

If you haven’t already started working on making a website for your app, your team should treat it as a priority and start working on an effective site for your app. 


With the market oozing with an overflow of apps, choosing a platform for the launch is secondary but choosing the right launch date is primary. Therefore, timing plays a huge role in the success of your app launch. 

Launching your mobile application at an accurate time on the right platform would ensure a greater return on investment. You have to take into account crucial variables like the busy time of your market and also your competitors. 

It’s crucial to contemplate the exact idea of your application. However, some statistics indicate what time of the month is best to start. As per a study by Fetch, it was found that December and February turned out to be the most potentially successful months to start. So it would be best if you also looked for the best timing to start based on your industry. Sensor Tower fetched the highest level of engagement in various industries during the day. 


We have provided you with a set of questions that you should consider asking your assigned mobile app developer before the launch of your app on Play store and App store.

Although there is abundant data, reports and statistics on the internet that may suggest that certain variables are more beneficial, it’s necessary to combine these recommendations with your individual knowledge of the lexicon of your app. 

Best of luck for the grand launch of your app!