This is the best way to set up a burglar alarm system

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One of the best and trusted ways to ensure uninterrupted security for your property and loved ones is to get a home security system. A major part of home security system is undoubtedly the burglar alarm system. However, installing any burglar alarm system won’t solve the purpose as every property has a unique need for security depending on its structure, location, etc. Then what can be done in this case? The best alarm system largely depends on various factors like your budget, personal preferences, location, etc. Hence, the decision must be made by taking into account all such factors.  

Types of burglar alarm systems

  • Bells-only alarms – These alarms only make an alarming noise. Bells-only alarms do not come with any other feature like contacting the police or you.
  • Dialler burglar alarms – Dialler burglar alarms are the ones that dial your phone number or your nominated friends and family members automatically if the alarm goes off.  
  • Smart home-security alarms – Smart home-security systems contact you or family members if the alarm is triggered. You will be notified via an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Monitoring contract – In a monitoring contract, you must pay a fee to the alarm company (monthly or annually). The company will take action or call the police when the alarm goes off.

Read further to know more about the various alarm systems available in the market. The costs of these systems vary depending on their features. Hence, we have explained it in details to give you a better understanding of burglar alarm systems. 

  1. Wireless burglar alarms – You must choose between a traditional alarm system and a wireless alarm system. Wireless alarm systems use sensors powered with battery, which communicate with a control panel with radio signals. These alarm systems look stylish and are easy to install.
  2. Bells-only burglar alarm – As the name suggests, these systems make an alarming noise when triggered. It is the most popular type of burglar alarm system. If you live in an area where the neighbourhood is active and helpful, then this alarm system is a great choice as it is loud enough to make everyone alert about the intrusion at your place. Thus, immediate action can be taken. 
  3. Dialler burglar alarms – A dialler alarm system contacts you or person nominated by you when the alarm gets triggered. Most of the dialler alarms allow you to save 3 to 10 phone numbers. The alarm will notify these numbers in case of intrusion. 
  4. Smart home-security alarms – A smart home-security system gets connected to your smartphone or tablet. It will allow you to receive alerts on your personal device if the alarm gets triggered. It also gives you remote access to the burglar alarm system.
  5. Monitored alarm systems and contract – You can get a more prompt and fast security system for your property with this option. Monitored contracts are available for wired as well as wireless alarm systems. However, the alarm system and installation must conform to the standards set by the monitored contract. 
  6. Keyholder burglar monitor – This burglar alarm system operates through a company that will either respond to the alarm or contact the nominated keyholders when the alarm is triggered.