Vascular Surgeons Can Change Your Life For The Better

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Modern medicine has quite a lot of branches where surgeons can focus their knowledge in order to help people, and vascular surgery is a branch which specializes in conditions that attack our blood system, which are arteries and veins. Keeping these in perfect condition is necessary in order for all the organs in our body to function, which is why our topic is going to revolve around varicose and spider veins.

Treatment of varicose veins

When it comes to the options that are used to treat varicose veins, there are a couple of different ones, and the way the doctors determine which one is the best for your condition will depend on the condition that your veins are in. In order to establish that, you will first have to get your veins scanned, and that is done via ultrasound.

Once the state of your veins is established, so is the treatment that is going to be used. The most common treatment in Melbourne varicose vein according to Yarra Vascular is the endovenous ablation. This method involves putting a catheter or a probe inside of the vein. That probe then generates heat which is used to burn the vein in order to shut the vein off permanently, which will stop it from filling.

Most common ways that the ablation is done is via radiofrequency or laser sources for the heat. While many would assume that the laser is more suitable for producing heat, the radiofrequencies have shown that they are superior when it comes to ablation purposes, as they reduce pain, swelling, nerve damage and bruising.


Endovenous ablation may look unpleasant, but you will not feel discomfort


While not as common as ablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is a method which ultimately leads to death of veins by shutting them off, but the ways this goal achieved is different. Unlike ablation, this method is better for veins which are not visible on the surface, which is less common. The way sclerotherapy achieves the results is by injecting special foam into the vein which leads to its demise.

Treatment of spider veins

While ablation is the primary way to treat varicose veins, when it comes to spider veins, sclerotherapy is the way to go. It can be ordinary foam sclerotherapy, or it can also be the ultrasound guided sclerotherapy that was mentioned earlier.

Sclerotherapy might not be the ideal way, but it is the best spider veins treatment in Melbourne from Yarra Vascular that they can offer, even if it ends up with the destructions of veins that are covered by this condition. Luckily, the destruction of veins does not cause any harm to the organism, and it actually causes it to regenerate for the better over time.


Sclerotherapy is rather simple and painless

Final word

If you happen to suspect that you suffer from varicose or spider veins, it is highly recommended to visit your local clinic and consult with a vascular surgeon for the correct solution. While these conditions are harmless at first, they can cause pain later on.