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What Are the Reasons for Your Aircon Leaking or Dripping Water?

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In a country like Singapore, where you need to run your air conditioner for most of the day to keep your rooms comfortable, it is very likely that your unit may fail and develop various problems if you do not take enough care and maintenance.

One such problems is the aircon water leak that is very commonly found in most of the AC units running in Singapore. Airconservicing is a very well-known service provider for all kinds of ACs in Singapore, who can offer service at a very reasonable cost.

Let us discuss in this article the various reasons that will cause water to leak from your air conditioner unit.

1.    Air leak

This is the number one common reason that will lead to the leaking of your air conditioner and cause water dripping.

2.    Blocked aircon filter

Another common reason for water leaking on your air conditioner is when the air filter gets blocked, it will inhibit the air flow through the system.

3.    Dirty aircon filter

Your dirty air filter can block airflow over your evaporator coil and it will get too cold and get frozen. When it will melt then the excess water will flow.

4.    Broken pump

If your pump ever breaks, then the water will not be pumped outside anymore. In that case, you have to repair or replace immediately the pump.

5.    Leaking of the condenser coil

Most of the Singapore residents face this very common problem where the condenser coil starts leaking water and overfill the pan.

6.    Low refrigerant

A low refrigerant can lower pressure in your AC system, and your evaporator coil will freeze and after some time whenever the coil will melt then water will flow.

7.    Clogging of your drain line

This is also another most common reason for water leakages in the AC. If due to such leakage coupled with dirt and dust, mould will clog the drain line.

8.    Poor maintenance

If regular maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioners are done then it can result in such a problem quite frequently.

9.    Rusting of your drain pan

If your AC unit is very old then the drain pan may get damaged or rusted and hence water will just fall right through. You have to replace the pan.

10.Frozen aircon coil

An important reason for a frozen aircon coil is your air filter has gone dirty. Your filter is meant for preventing air flow over the coil.

11.Outside temperature too chilly

Especially during the night when the outside temperature gets sufficiently cooled down then it is going to affect the cooling coil and get frozen. Later it will melt and cause a water leak.

12.Clogged condensation line

Often your condensation line gets clogged due to frozen pipes and later it will end up with water leaking. Unless the water is properly drained out it can mess up the surroundings.

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