3 Careers for People Who Like Automobiles

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Spending your weekends at car shows, flipping through automotive magazines or learning about the inner workings of your transmission are all indications that you love working with cars. If you are fascinated by automobiles of all types, you may want to consider a career working closely with them.

  1. Truck Driver

Working as a truck driver can be a great way to make a living. Besides giving you the chance to see new places and meet interesting people, it will also provide the opportunity to learn about trucks. When you are alone on the road, you will need to know how to diagnose and fix problems as they occur. When driving a truck, it is important to know the applicable laws, especially if you cross state lines. This knowledge can prevent costly CDL traffic tickets and lost wages.

  1. Auto Body Technician

If life behind the wheel doesn’t sound appealing, you may prefer to work under the hood. You can spend your time troubleshooting and fixing various issues to make people’s cars safer and more reliable. Each day is slightly different, as you may be working on repairing suspension one day and rebuilding an engine the next.

  1. Sales Representative

A career in sales is a great fit for people who love interacting with the public as much as they love cars. If you specialize in selling new vehicles, you will spend the day surrounded by the latest and greatest models. On a used lot, you will be able to see old vehicles get spruced up and sold to a new owner.

There are many ways you can combine your passion for cars with a lucrative career. Whether you prefer to be behind the wheel, under the hood or helping people pick out the perfect vehicle, there is a job for you.