3 Kinds of Cases Covered by Personal Injury Lawyers

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Personal injury claims cover a wide variety of possible topics. Essentially, anytime an individual sustains mental, emotional or physical harm as a result of another person’s or organization’s actions or negligence, this victim may have the right to file a lawsuit for compensation. In a situation like this, the person may hire a personal injury attorney Columbia MD to represent them in court. Here are three kinds of cases personal injury lawyers take on.

  1. Vehicular Accidents

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the U.S. saw a total of 6,756,000 crashes in the U.S. in 2019. Almost 2,000,000 of these resulted in injury. Seeing these statistics, it is easy to believe that car accident claims top the list of most common personal injury cases filed. 

  1. Slip-and-Fall Incidents

It is not uncommon for individuals to slip, fall and hurt themselves. Depending on the circumstances, they can actually sue for monetary damages. For example, a person who slips on a wet floor while shopping in the local grocery store and sustains injuries could file a claim against the store claiming that their negligence caused the accident if there is no sign cautioning that the floor is wet. This could happen in many places, including sidewalks, parks and theaters. Slip-and-fall accidents fall under premises liability law, which holds that the owners of a property bear a legal responsibility to make said property safe. 

  1. Dog Bite Injuries

In certain places, you have the right to sue dog owners whose canine companions bit or otherwise injured you. This also applies to other pets, not just dogs.

These are not the only types of personal injury cases out there, but they are common ones. Note though that the laws surrounding these vary from state to state, so it is important to check your state’s regulations and only consult legal counsel from said locale since they will understand the nuances specific to the location.