Car Detailing and SPS Graphene Coating 

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In the car detailing industry, there are several different coatings that we can use to protect your car from water spots, dust, dirt and grim, paint chips, and more.  However, not all these coatings are alike. In fact, there are different levels of degrees of protection in the different coatings.  Of course, with different levels, there are different standards as well as price points.  While you might think that getting a simple ceramic coating while looking at car detailing would be enough,

it actually is just the tip of the iceberg.  Ceramic coatings are the coatings that most people are familiar with.  We do offer this with our car detailing services. These are coatings that protect the vehicle, be it a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, semi, whatever, from external damages from basically driving down the road and sitting in parking lots.

While ceramic coatings are better than no coating at all, there are graphene coatings that are superior.  This is why when we are going over our car detailing services, we highly recommend Graphene.  Graphene coatings allow water to roll right off the vehicles and leave no water spots at all.  This is due to their chemical makeup. This is important to some people.  It also stops dust and dirt from sticking to the vehicle while driving down the road. This is really helpful for those with dark-colored vehicles, as they tend to show dust more than others.

Of course, in the Graphene and Ceramic coatings world, there are different levels of effectiveness between the brands.  We like to use the SPS brand as it seems to be the far superior option.  We took the time to test some of the various brands out on our own vehicles.  This would ensure that we are offering the finest quality Graphene coating available on the market today.  We have tested other coatings as well.

While some Graphene will last only a couple of years while SPS graphene coating will last up to 5 years.  This means 5 years of protection from the elements on your vehicle’s surface.  Of course, the amount of time depends on many outside factors such as how much it is driven, how many times you wash it, what kind of elements it is exposed to, and if it sits in the UV sun all day, are some of them.  If you are questioning if your protective coating is in fact still working, simply spray your vehicle with a hose.  Should the water not completely fall off quickly, then it might be time to get in to see us. We offer to recoat services as well as new services.

Protect your investment with the proper coating.

These coatings can not only protect your car but also add value to it.  When you go to sell your car, it will look better and newer.  You can also show them the receipt that you had this coating done and approximately how long the coating will last.  SPS brand coating is the industry leader in graphene coatings.  This means that you are protecting your car with the very best on the market.  There are other graphene coatings, but they simply don’t compare to the SPS brand version.  Call today and let’s take a look at the car detailing services you are interested in.