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Cleaning your curtains the right way with a cleaning company in Singapore.

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Pollution has taken a toll on the daily life of the average human being, with many wanting to relocate to places where they can have nice air, nice food, and a healthy lifestyle.
But, it doesn’t stop there. Despite its effects on the health, the pollution is greatly related to the dust and tidying on the house, the floors, the curtains and pretty much everything.
Although Singapore has curbed and cut down on most of the pollution created, there’s still work to do, but it’s still better than many countries where the inhabitants aren’t receiving the optimum air quality for life as specified by WHO. 

But do not worry our cleaning company in Singapore is here to help you with any kind of cleaning you need, especially with your curtains.

Curtain cleaning is a hectic job to do. Even if you decide to clean or wash them yourself, it’s going to take you a lot of time and most importantly it’s going to drain you of a lot of energy. So, not only you’re going to get tired but you’re also going to be losing a lot of time, just to save a couple of bucks.

To put you at ease, we are providing you professional cleaning of curtains in Singapore. You don’t have to worry about cleaning when you have got us.

Before heading to how we operate, the time we take and the rates we charge, why don’t we first get into the different kinds of curtains that are most commonly found and that we clean:-

Day Curtains-
These light curtains allow sunlight to pass through your windows and at the same time allowing you to keep your privacy. They are often cosy and feel good to have around. Since they are light and can allow the sunlight to pass through, they aren’t the best choice to have them on at night for your privacy. Such a type of curtain is paired with different colours, mainly the dark-coloured ones. 

Night Curtains- 

As the name suggests, such types of curtains are mainly used for privacy at night. They are made up of dense fabric that doesn’t allow 70 to 90 percent of sunlight to pass through. In most houses, the day curtains are paired with night curtains, with the day curtains being used during the day and the night ones during the night. They are often used at night time as the primary purpose of these is to provide privacy and secrecy, especially at night. 

Blackout Curtains- 

What happens when there’s an electricity blackout, complete dark, right?
Well, such kinds of curtains have the same exact purpose.
While the Night curtains allowed 70 to 90 percent of sunlight, such curtains do not allow any sunlight, giving you complete and utter darkness. 

Black curtains are very useful for those who are insomniac or for those who get disturbed by even little light. As you would have guessed, the fabric used in such curtains is pretty dense and thick which means they are really hard to clean. 

Roman Blinds- 

Roman Blinds are the cross between curtains and blinds, providing both of the services of the two. The Roman Blinds are useful for small spaces where curtains aren’t feasible, as you have to get the functions of a curtain but at the same time wanting to capitalise the space as well, at such places the Roman Blinds come in. 

Curtains or Blinds have added great value to our life. Without its invention, privacy or secrecy couldn’t have been obtained. Although they have great uses, it doesn’t mean they don’t have disadvantages as everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. They aren’t primarily major disadvantages to curtains, as the pros outweigh the cons but the most con the curtains have is them getting dirty. They can block sunlight, provide you privacy, and at the same time, curtains also block you from the dust and mite the air brings with itself, which makes them get dirty. This is where you are going to be needing us as your professional cleaning company in Singapore. 

Now, that you’re aware of much of the curtains that get cleaned commonly, why don’t we dive into some benefits we as a cleaning company in Singapore can provide you or what could be some of the benefits that you’d be entitled if your curtains get cleaned-

Adding beauty to your Home- 

If you perfectly clean every aspect of your home and still get the vibes of your place not looking clean then it’s highly likely it’s due to having tidy curtains. 

Curtains embrace the beauty that your place provides and gives and if they aren’t clean, your place isn’t clean. 

Avoids Allergies- 

Many people are prone to different allergies and they are being caused by different things and one of them is having a dirty or tidy household. It doesn’t matter how much you clean your floors, your shelves, and whatnot, if there is something that’s left that is badly tidy, you are still going to be getting an allergy.

One of the main causes of getting an allergy is having a tidy house and most importantly having tidy curtains. Well, this is because people don’t often pay attention to cleaning their curtains because it’s a hectic thing to do and it requires time and patience. Hence, instead of cleaning or washing them people often leave them alone, because of which they are responsible for spreading or contracting allergies among people. 

Removing Dust Particles or Contaminants-

If you think your curtains can’t do more than block the sunlight then you’re wrong. Curtains provide much more benefits than just blocking sunlight and among them is blocking dust particles and other contaminants but but, if you haven’t cleaned them for a long long time then it’s bad news for you. Your curtains then become a major source of spreading diseases, allergies, and other contaminants, making you not having a healthy household. 

Cleaning or washing your curtains removes all of these particles and contaminants discussed above, making sure that you have a healthy environment, a healthy environment for you and your family. 

Prolonging Drapery Life- 

If you are wondering why do your curtains run out after some time, it might be mainly because of not cleaning them regularly. 

Revealing Colors- 

One thing is for sure, if a piece of cloth gets dusty, its colors fade away, not in the literal sense but they do not look as shiny as they should have been or as they are capable of. Cleaning your curtains make their colors come out and make them stand out in the home or wherever they are. 


Curtain cleaning is no job or task, especially if you are doing it by yourself. One of the main reasons for this could be that people don’t have the time or the energy, due to which their curtains get tidy over time.

While you may not have the time or energy to get them cleaned themselves, we have a nice solution for you and the solution is hiring us to get your curtains cleaned like they are new. You do not have to worry anymore as we are to clean your curtains. 

Next time if you’re worried about your curtains getting dirty and smelly, don’t be tensed about cleaning them. WE have your back. Do not forget to contact our professional cleaning company in Singapore.
We’ll be glad to help you out 🙂 Thanks.