Consider the aspects before you rent a yacht in Greece

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Taking a day trip or vacation on a luxury private yacht is certainly an indulgence. These days, renting a private yacht is not just reserved for the rich and famous. There are many friendly ways to experience this luxury getaway. Whether you are looking to rent a yacht for a 4-hour afternoon cruise to celebrate an anniversary, or you are interested in booking a weeklong excursion in Greece with your friends, this article will explain how to rent a yacht.

Do you want to rent for a whole day?

Renting a yacht for the day is easier than ever, thanks to companies, such as Vernicos Yachts, that charter private yachts from your favorite destinations. Renting a yacht for a few hours is the perfect way to experience lush luxury for a day. Make a quick Google search and visit the Yacht rental websites in Greece. The rental companies have an online listing. You choose the size, accommodation and price of your rental.

First time rent or look for a charter?

Once you have found a reputable company to rent, you can start narrowing down your options. Look at the size, and comfort aspects of the specific yachts you are considering. If your rental includes a crew, find out what specific services they provide for you. Besides base rental price, there are often additional costs associated. These costs can include deposit, insurance, fuel, customs fees, payment to the crew and their tips, etc.

Rent a bareboat for a party

No matter what you are celebrating, there is no better way to give your guests a taste of the good life on the deck of a luxury Bareboat charter in Greece. The sky is the limit when you charter a bareboat. You can make your party as luxurious or discreet as you like. Renting a bareboat/yacht for a party is the perfect way to take your guests out on the water to enjoy beautiful scenery, good company, tasty food, drinks and entertainment. It will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Weekly yacht rental

Another option when it comes to renting a private yacht is to rent them for an entire week. In Greece, renting a yacht for an entire week is a common option. Weekly yacht rentals work in a very similar way to daily yacht rentals. Obviously, your budget will need to be bigger and you will need to spend more time planning overnight accommodations, as well as food, drink and entertainment.

Yacht rental for birthday parties is one of the most popular parties to celebrate on a yacht. You can hire a luxury yacht or a bareboat according to your budget, accommodation, distance, renting period, and counts.


Yachts have a base price, which is the flat rate for rent. Besides base cost, you should consider other expenses – food and beverages, taxes, fuel, etc. The cost of renting a yacht depends on many other factors, such as rental duration, yacht size, amenities, accommodations, captain and crew, and more. Once you have determined what your needs and budget are, you can begin to eliminate any options that do not fit your criteria.