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The perfect choice of the energy companies also depends on the perfection of the offers and referrals. Using the https://liedetectors-uk.com/octopus-energy-referral-code/  is the best option here. One can get £50 with this referral code. In the pursuit of reducing the energy bills, this is the energy supplier company that you can count on.

The Lure Offer

If you want to find the right electricity provider in comparison, you should keep a cool head when searching. Particularly when it comes to unbeatable offers, you should take a close look to see whether it is a lure offer. Then you initially pay a low price, which increases significantly with the next contract cycle. If you look a little into the future, you will see that the bottom line is that you will pay less if you choose a more or less consistently low tariff. Customer reviews, tests from comparison portals and price guarantees help here.

The Price Guarantee

Anyone who hopefully has found a small price after a hopefully short search will want to keep it. Here, too, it is important to find the right electricity provider. Tips for this: Choose a provider with a price guarantee. And ideally with the option of choosing the length of the price guarantee. Cheap electricity providers sometimes do not give such a guarantee, then you are not protected against price increases during the contract period. At the services they guarantee customers the agreed price for 12 or 24 months – as desired. At the right company you don’t need a trained eye to find a price guarantee. With some other providers it does. Do you find the price increase?


Also look into the darker corners of your electricity contract. Sometimes there is another problem with cheap electricity tariffs: prepayment. There are providers who insist. Then you pay months in advance for electricity that you have not yet received. This only works until the provider becomes insolvent. Experience shows that this is not so rare, especially among young and small providers. Then the money already paid is often gone.

The Reliability

You will not only find a cheap electricity provider among the energy companies. Also, check out smaller utility companies that are independent and successful. Pay attention to how long these have been on the market and how many customers are supplied by them across Germany. This is a good indication of the seriousness and reliability of your future provider. Finding really good service is not always easy. Fortunately, it does with the company. And in this hidden object game here?

The Service

In contrast to the electricity price, it is a rather bad sign if the service of an electricity provider is so small that you can hardly find it. You don’t have to search long for quick help with good electricity providers. You can recognize them by the awards in independent comparative tests and by satisfied customers.

The experts keep an eye on the current energy exchange prices and advise you when it makes sense for you to buy energy. The experts suggest a suitable purchasing model for you and takes care of a professional and successful purchase on your behalf.

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