Fresnel Lenses and its Uses

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Fresnel lens is a high-quality composite compact lens that was originally developed and named after a French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, to be used in lighthouses. This invention is called to have saved a million ships.

Now, Fresnel lens for sale are commonly found across shopping websites to be used in general applications like imaging or as a credit card magnifier. A Fresnel lens can be made thinner than any comparable conventional lens, as it can also take the form of a flat sheet. A Fresnel lens can effectively capture oblique light from any light source, allowing the light from distant sources like a lighthouse to be visible over greater distances.

Let’s look into the common applications of these lenses:


The Fresnel lens is popularly used in Sinclair FTV1 portable CRT TV to enlarge the vertical aspect of its display. They are used as simple hand-held magnifiers or to correct several visual disorders, like ocular-motility disorders, including strabismus. Another common application of these increases the visual size of CRT displays televisions or traffic lights. 


Top companies like Canon and Nikon use Fresnel lenses to minimize the size of telephoto lenses. Photographic lens designs include Fresnel elements, which are much shorter than corresponding conventional lens design—these elements aid in adjusting the focus and composition.


Fresnel lens used in lighthouse systems includes added annular prismatic elements, arranged in faceted domes below and above the central planar Fresnel. This allows us to catch all light emitted from the light source and transmit to larger distances for better illumination. 

Solar power

Plastic Fresnel lenses are made larger than glass lenses, as they are much lighter and cheaper; they are also used to concentrate sunlight for effective heating processes in solar heaters and cookers. Other common solar applications include solar forges and solar collectors used to heat water for household purposes. They are also used to power a Stirling engine or generate steam.

So, to conclude, the utilities of the Fresnel lenses are varied across industries and sectors, but they have a growing demand in the market, especially for common uses in credit card magnifier.