Guide to slot machines

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The first slot machines appeared on the market a little over 100 years ago. These were mechanical devices. Now slots are digital games that can be enjoyed in the casino or online. From Casino / Gamomat slots to Casino slot machines, our slot machine guide explains it all.

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Even if they were very simple compared to today’s slots, a lot of expertise was required to develop them. In the course of the years, the progress in gaming machines has made rapid progress in parallel to technical development.

For example, the fruit symbols that were common at the time are still used today. In the following guide, we will explain to you which manufacturers there are now with a good reputation like Cacino. We also explain the differences between an online slot and a slot machine in a land-based gambling hall, even though they come from the same manufacturer .

Slot machines – basic knowledge

What’s up with the reels and the paylines?

The reels are reels on which the symbols can be found. The slot machine sets these in motion and the symbols that you can see on the slot are counted as a win.

In the past, slot machines with only three reels were commonplace, but this has now changed and five reel slots are standard. But there are also differences between the rollers:


These rollers are falling rollers at the topslotsite. This means that these do not rotate, but fall down from the top of the screen.

Shifting reels

This is a feature that is activated when you win. Then one roller disappears and the other rollers shift. Instead of the missing role, a new reel appears, which turns and helps to earn new profits.

Colossal reels

It’s not only available online, but also in a land-based arcade. Instead of one screen, there are two. Because the screen is much bigger, there are also significantly higher chances of winning.

A payline can also be called a payline. This is a line that runs across the reels of the slot machine from left to right.

While in a slot machine in a game library such a roller is often simply a bar above the viewing window in a mechanical device, in an online slot this line can also run zigzag. Many slots have multiple paylines that the player can choose from.

In doing so, he determines his chances of winning at the same time, because the more profit lines there are, the higher the chance of winning. Because only the symbols that are on this payline are rated.


In our glossary you will find an explanation of the most important terms that can appear in an online casino.

What is a paytable?

The first slot machines, which were still mechanical, were accordingly easy to set up and understand. If there were three matching symbols there was a win.

Today it is the case that there are numerous other features, such as bonus rounds or wild symbols. This means that it is no longer possible to simply determine the profit.

But even the first gaming machines had a payout table printed on their case. This enabled the player to see what profit there was when certain symbols appeared.

Modern video slots in an online casino are much more complex. Because, for example, they often have a whole armada of paylines. There are also jokers and scatters. A payout table shows how much the winnings are.

Most slot machines open it by clicking an icon at the bottom of the screen. A pop-up window then opens in which all winning combinations that can occur are listed, including the amount that will be paid when these symbols appear on the reels.

Online slots and their quirks and features

If you are looking for the best online slot, you should go for the one that offers the most features. Because they are not only crucial for fun and excitement, they also influence the probability of winning.

Various things are possible, such as bonus games, free spins, slot machines with progressive jackpot, multipliers and a lot more. What advantages an online slot has, because these functions are usually not available in a slot machine in a game library, we describe below.