Hair care: how to choose the right hair oil?

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Who said hair oils are only for dry hair? Natural hair oil can be suitable for all hair types. Oily or combination hair (with oily roots and dry ends) can use oil as long as it is not applied to the scalp. The oil creates a protective barrier for sensitive hair or hair exposed to aggressions such as straightening iron.

Hair oil based on Tahiti monoi or a mixture of vegetable oils is a natural care product, which can be miraculous in regenerating the hair fiber. How to use natural hair oil?

Nourish the hair with an oil bath

Recommended the day before shampooing, the oil bath is suitable whatever the nature of the hair. Just apply the oil liberally all over the hair and leave it on overnight. Careful disentangling with a wooden comb should be favored.

In the morning, before shampooing, it is enough to comb the hair. No need to apply a larger dose of shampoo to remove the oil. A good part of the oil is absorbed by the hair fiber, which promotes cladding and therefore reduces the appearance of split ends.

To avoid staining your pillowcase, you can use a very retro nightcap or a disposable charlotte.

Shine Hair with Finishing Oil

Women don’t always know which care product to use to make their hair shine after blow-drying. The oil, in small quantities, applied to dry hair, brings a touch of incomparable glow and softness.

The oil is an excellent protective treatment, following the use of curling irons or straightening plates, which terribly dry the hair, due to the high temperatures. It restores shine for dull hair.

Here is a suggestion for you to decrypt together in order to make the right purchase.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is especially aimed at girls with oily or mixed hair, either with oily roots and dry ends. It is the best oil alternative for this type of hair because the texture of jojoba is very similar to the sebum secreted by the skin. On contact with it, the hair is therefore deceived and since it thinks it has already secreted, it does not start again. The oil therefore helps to keep the hair “clean” or in any case, far from the excess sebum responsible for your multiple washes.

Argan oil

Argan oil is used in the treatment of dry to very dry hair and itchy scalps. it is chosen cold pressed, unrefined and undeodorized so that it retains its properties and quality.

Castor oil

Dry, dull, brittle, frizzy hair, in short, lifeless hair loves castor oil. As a real natural fortifier, castor helps the hair to strengthen and accelerates its growth. Another advantage: it is less expensive than jojoba and argan oils and therefore, it is more easily found.

Coconut oil

As a result, it is more aimed at normal hair in search of a little help from time to time. Those who seek to sublimate their mane rather than repair it in depth. As a bonus, coconut oil has anti-lice properties because its texture suffocates them.