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The outstanding LASIK eye surgery was a boon to medical science half of them don’t know even if it was purposely discovered or was it a fluke. But as the truth shall prevail let me break the suspense its invention was led when a small kid got a corneal accident in 1974. It changed the entire mindset of how people and doctors look at eye surgeries these days. This article is all about interesting facts based on eye surgery so keep reading. 

The actual interesting story about inventions of LASIK eye surgery. 

The story is pretty interesting. In 1974 once a very small kid who used to wear eyeglasses fell off and broke his glasses. In the accident he got shards of glasses in his cornea he was treated by a very renowned DR Svyatoslav Fyodorov. The damage was not very much. A clear tissue that forms a protective layer over the eye called sliver was shaved off from the cornea. Somehow Dr. Fyodorov managed to give him his vision back. But after a few days of the accident, the young boy noticed a great change in his vision. That change was in a positive manner. Later when this was informed to DR. Fyodorov examined the kid and figured out that tiny cuts which were made by the shards of glass had actually damaged his eye in a way that it reshaped the cornea and corrected his eye focus. The Doctor got really excited to discover something like this so he continued his study on the topic of how it was possible. After he got the answers he even published his findings but still, nobody was taking it very seriously until there were few American doctors who had recently discovered Ample. Then the studies were taken into consideration. More research was being done on the topic. They even brought the research of LASIK, Los Angeles, as before they were working on it in Previously known U.S.S.R. This is how the original vision correction laser started. After all this also LASIK eye surgery could not come into effect as the Food and Drug Administration did not approve this method of eye surgery until 1995. In initial days as Doctors started using it, they majorly used it for the correction of the treatment of the myopic eye. As time passed it has become the most common type of corrective eye surgery.