How Kids And Teenagers Have The Best Coding Solutions

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You tap on a brilliant square. A bigger window opens, in which you again tap or swipe on different images. Utilizing an application isn’t advanced science. Indeed, even little children see how they can see photographs and videos on their mum and father’s cell phones.But why does it all work? What makes a program perform a specific action when you tap a point on the screen with your finger? Or click on a character with the mouse? Programming is increasingly establishing itself as a new cultural technique. Experts advocate that all children get to know the basics. For setting up the coding for kids, this is most essential.

Programming is like cooking

“I always say that programming is a bit like cooking, or like writing or logical thinking. Everyone should know of this,” says Wolfang Slany. He heads the Institute for Software Technology at the Graz University of Technology. The Pocket Code app was developed there, with which children can learn to program and develop their apps.

Having a basic knowledge of how computer programs and smartphone apps work is not only beneficial for those who later want to take up a relevant profession. Understanding how it all works and being able to help shape it is of fundamental importance for our future. He sees the danger that people will become digitally illiterate if only those whose job it is to understand programming. When it comes to Coding class for kids, then the options are there now.

Programming language for the youngest

There are tons of apps, toys, and courses aimed at the very youngest. For example, robots and tablet games that teach five-year-olds the basics. For the Coding class for a teenager, this is most essential. At the OCG, for example, we recommend the Bee-Bot bee robot or the Scratch Junior programming language, which can impart basic knowledge even in kindergarten.