NGOs role in strengthening Education in India:

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Education is the most important aspect for everyone that facilitates quality learning, gain knowledge, and leading a better life. The government is taking all the initiatives to provide quality education to all children of India. NGOs are one of the main groups that working hard with the government to strengthen the educational system in India. The most important role of NGOs is to bring more and more children under the ambit of their education initiatives. 

NGOs contribution to the cause of education:

Most of the NGOs have been spearheading the maneuver to provide quality education to the most deprived and marginalized children of India. NGOs are playing a huge role in creating awareness about the importance of the education of children in India. Education NGOs in India are intervening strategically and consistently in the form of activism to give every child a better education. NGOs are tirelessly working for child development and it requires heavy investment and infrastructure. The NGOs have taken many steps like creating awareness campaigns to encourage the parents to send their children to schools and they also take care of child development and health by allocating funds. They ensure that the most deprived children are getting the benefits of the Right to Education Act. The ultimate goal is to make sure that all children irrespective of their origin are able to get an education so that they secure a life of dignity for them. It also helps to contribute to the betterment of the economy. 

NGOs boost the spread of education in India:

The government is taking all initiatives to bring children to the school but it is not enough for them alone to bring all children into the fold of education. Literacy is a key factor in socio-economic progress in India. The government and many education NGOs in India are working hard to increase the literacy rate. The dropout rate of students from the elementary level to the secondary level rises substantially. Some of the problems that can cause the children to drop out of education like financial constraints, long distance between home and school, lack of functional toilets, and poor school infrastructure, or drop out before completing their schooling. NGOs are working harder to boost the spread of education in India by providing free education and allocating maximum funds for education. 

To boost the spread of education it is most important to spread awareness about the importance of education among the parents and the communities. There is no matter from which social or economic background the children come from it is a legitimate right for all children to get a quality education. NGOs are now starting to follow another important aspect to improve the education quality is to make learning a fun experience. Interactive teaching-learning and child-friendly methods are used by NGO trainers to impact learning. 

It is undeniable that NGOs are playing a huge role in the spread of education to every nook and corner of a vast country like India. The NGOs along with the government ensure that every deprived child of India gets a quality education.