Tell me how you eat, I’ll tell you how you make love!

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The relationship with food can be very indicative of one’s sexual sphere. According to some experts, there are six types of lovers-diners, here they are.

Goethe used to say: “Tell me who you are sleeping with and I will tell you who you are”. Well, in the same way numerous scholars have questioned the relationship between sex and food. And according to some research, it seems to have emerged that the relationship between food and that with your partner in bed are much closer than you might imagine. In short, according to sexologists, the German playwright could thus be paraphrased: “Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you how you make love”.

The foreplay? At the table

Consuming a meal together, therefore, would represent a real preliminary. Not only because eating and cooking together can be a very sensual act, which stimulates desire. But also because observing how a man (or a woman) behaves at the table, one can grasp some personality traits and guess what kind of lover he can become in bed. A research conducted a few years ago on behalf of a famous magazine by the sexologist Sara Padovano, for example, highlighted a series of similarities between eating and sexual habits. And by observing the relationship that a person has with food, one can find out what his relationship is with his own body and with that of his partner, what is his approach to sex and how he will behave in the sheets.

Some like it hot

According to the expert, there are various types of lovers and diners at the same time. the first type is charismatic, volcanic and always interested in taking new initiatives. Those who taste and flee at the table, love strong flavors, love to eat standing up and never at set times, in the same way, in bed they want everything hot, immediately, prefer multiple relationships and are characterized by passions that often fade quickly.

Freedom lovers

This type, on the other hand, is an eclectic and inconstant type, a lover of freedom of movement and not very inclined to pre-established commitments. At the table, we will find ourselves in front of a person who loves to experiment and create daring tastes and combinations. In bed they will be like a mad butterfly who loves to fly from flower to flower. And when the emotional bond becomes too close… well, they get annoyed and tend to disappear.

The experimenter, open to the news

For him, food is a continuous search for what is new, different, original, strange: the best restaurant is always the one he has not yet tried, he loves to cook and welcome guests with surprising recipes, dispensing his culinary knowledge to everyone. he is a man always ready to experiment in the kitchen and at the table, he is probably also under the sheets.

He could be a lover open to new experiences, prone to always trying new variations. His motto? “Let’s do it differently!”

The pleasure-loving is never satiated

There are men who understand food as a reason for living. They love to eat, a lot and in company, always looking for the best to bring to the table. They want every meal to be a full, totally fulfilling experience, and they often do so in bed too.

They are attentive and passionate lovers, instinctive, capable of enjoying and making people fully enjoy the joys of sex. Without ever getting tired, involving the partner, experimenting with all the novelties that the world of sex offers. In one word: having fun.

Changeable at the table? Accommodating in bed

This type, on his part, is instead changeable and elusive. And just like water that adapts to the container in which it is found, even those in this category absorb the mood of the other in an almost chameleon-like way. Accommodating at the table as in bed, he takes what the other has ordered, because he has harmony as his goal. In sex, therefore, he proves to be sweet and attentive to the needs of the other, managing to understand when she wants to cuddle and when, on the contrary, she much prefers to be left alone.

Immediately the main dish

Finally, the last type is a stable and rational person, but also with some difficulty in living in his own emotional sphere. Table, for him, is synonymous with conviviality and in addition to food, company is therefore also important. Consequently, according to the expert, in bed they do not like adventures and seek stable and constructive relationships, based on stability and feeling. He does not like pleasantries at the table and foreplay in bed: he prefers to get straight to the main course, which however he consumes with taste and due calm.

Which of these categories do you think your partner belongs to? Who sits at your table?