Top Romance Anime according to IMDB Ratings

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Romance is quite popular in more or less all anime. Whether you watch anime free or live streaming on OTT platforms- in almost all genres, romance plays a pivotal role. Creators of these anime find romance to be an important device to drive in more audience as they enjoy witnessing the growth of a love story and how it is nurtured with time. So, whether it’s an action-packed series, sci-fi, or a drama series, or an anime of horror genre, romance is an integral quotient that is mixed nicely with the art of storytelling. However, this list belongs to the anime of the romance genre.

Here, we have enlisted the top romance anime according to the ratings of IMDB

Spice And Wolf

With an IMDB rating of 8.0, Spice and Wolf entice anime fans with a nice fantasy tale. However, the strong subplot is a romantic story that is appreciated by okatus globally. It came out to form a serious and mutual love between the primary protagonists. Throughout the plot, the audience received many factors to get entertained.


Noragami is an adventure anime with a strong romantic subplot. The story revolves around the journey of a minor God who seeks recognition and worship. The romantic subplot is written way better than many anime where their major focus is romance, according to many reviews. The liaison developed between this minor God and the girl once he saved. With an IMDB rating of 8.3, you can watch Noragami if you want to enjoy an adventurous anime where a brimming love story is developing strongly among two characters.


This is a joyride romantic comedy where the twists and turns of relationships between four characters are shown. Taiga and Ryuji developed soft corners for their best friends so they started to hang out often. Gradually, the relationship takes a twist. To know more about what happens to this rom-com, watch Toradora!

Ouran High School Host Club

This is the story of Haruhi, quite an average girl who ends up attending a posh school where children of wealthy families study. The school also has gangs of notorious boys. Haruhi mistakenly joined the host club but when the leader of the host club came to know that she’s a girl, he became furious. However, she continued to remain a member but the secret of her being a girl was kept as a secret. So, here also a twist awaits you! The impressive 8.2 score by IMDB drives okatus to watch this romance anime with sheer interest.

Maid Sama! 

This anime with a score of 8.0 at IMDB is about a young and very responsible school girl. She is a member of the student council and made her school a secured place for girls from notorious boys. She also works at a Maid Café to support her family. One day, this secret job of her was revealed by a boy from her school. The storyline is very strong and entertaining.

Following the ratings of the IMBD ratings, aniwatch  of the romance genre anytime.