Ways to Train a Guard Dog

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Human guards protect one’s home for sure. However, to ensure more security and efficiency a guard dog can be trained. A guard dog protects the home and property. The guard dogs are taught non-confrontational techniques like how to bark to make their owner alert of any stranger, how to stand guard. You can take the professional help too. Dog Trainers Newport Beach trains dogs to be guard dogs. And if you wish to train your do by yourself, some of the tips might help you.

Some preparations should be taken to train a dog to be a guard dog. Here are some of them.

  • Basic dog obedience

It is the first step in training a guard dog. Unlike any other companion dog, a guard dog needs to obey the instructions of his master instantly. By using your hand you should teach the verbal commands such as sit, heel, and stay go. Ensure that he responds to all the commands properly. While training the dog should also know that he should only accept his owner’s command.

  • Barking at strangers

This is the next important step. Teach him to bark when someone enters the premises. Allow your dog to continue barking if it’s a stranger outside and indicate to him to stop if it’s a friend. The barking of dogs would a threat for any intruder with wrong intentions.

  • Train him for attacks

A guard dog should also be trained to lay an attack on any suspicious person as an instant action to the owner’s command or when he perceives a threat

  • Familiar to everyone in the family

A guard dog should not only be familiar to the owner and trainer but he should know every member of the family at his house, including other pets. This way he will know his members and won’t perceive a threat from them

Along with being a great companion dogs also proves themselves as the most loyal guards. Their loyalty is known to everyone and hence they prove to be the best guards one can have. These training tips might help you to train your dog to be one of the best guard dogs.