What is the Number 1 Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022?

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As the crypto market readies for yet another price run, the number one question for most investors is what crypto to buy? From beginner traders to institutional investors, everyone is exploring the crypto-verse, actively looking for the next big crypto to explode.

If you have been monitoring the markets for a while now, you, too, have probably realized that most of the popular coins, the likes of Bitcoin and Solana, are already priced in. But even as you search for what crypto to invest in today, you will want to only take up an altcoin with massive potential to grow your portfolio. We recommend investing in Celadon coin – CELA.

But what is the Celadon Coin, and what makes it the best crypto to buy today? We answer both questions below.

First, though, here is a reminder of what to consider when searching for an altcoin to invest in today.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing What Crypto to Buy Now

For starters, a good crypto investment should be profitable. It should also have a high potential to remain profitable over the long term. In addition to being profitable, however, here are the other factors that helped us settle on the Celadon Coin as the best crypto to buy in 2022:

  • Tokenomics: One of the primary reasons Bitcoin has been so successful has been its scarcity. Your preferred token should also have a healthy maximum supply and be fairly distributed.
  • Innovativeness: Any altcoin that seeks to solve your ‘what coin to buy’ dilemma should be rooted in innovativeness. It should be backed by a dynamic and highly innovative blockchain technology that fuels its adoption and sparks value gain.
  • Use cases: Crypto that solve real and urgent problems record faster growth rates, faster adoption, and unprecedented value gains. A case in point is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Ethereum killers. Take these into account when deciding what altcoin to invest in, in 2022.
  • Fundamentals: Your preferred altcoin should also have strong fundamentals and a clear roadmap.

What Crypto to Buy: Celadon Coin – CELA

After careful consideration of all these factors, we settled on the Celadon Coin – CELA as the best altcoin to buy today. The relatively new coin and the native token for the highly innovative and blockchain-based Celadon ecosystem have all these features and are poised for a massive price run in the next few years.

But to better understand Celadon Coin’s (CELA) potential for value gains, we first need to first understand the underlying Celadon ecosystem.

Founded by Adam Widelka, Celadon is a blockchain protocol facilitating the transfer of tokens across different blockchain. It is a highly innovative bridging platform that allows users to seamlessly transfer their digital assets across such blockchain networks as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. This makes it one of the first blockchain to allow for the conversion of virtual currencies between ERC-20 and BEP-20 crypto blockchain standards.

But Celadon promises to be more than a bridging platform. It intends to morph into a multi-use blockchain ecosystem. Celadon developers have already launched the Celadon coin wallet and Celadon NFT marketplace. The launch will then be complemented by the establishment of the Celadon decentralized exchange (DEX), where traders and investors can swap and stake celadon coins.

But are these enough to make the Celadon coin the best crypto to buy today? What other unique features make CELA the best buy in May 2022?

Why Buy Celadon Coin Today?

  • CELA is still new: Celadon coin is a relatively new altcoin and the native token for one of the most revolutionary blockchain technologies – the Celadon ecosystem. It promises to be the next cryptocurrency to explode, and by investing this early in CELA, you get to participate in a massive price run that catapults your investment to unprecedented heights.
  • Potential for value gain: Celadon coin has a maximum supply of 1 billion CELA tokens. And it is the native token for a blockchain ecosystem that seeks to solve one of the greatest problems facing the crypto industry, i.e. inter-transfer of assets across blockchains. This limited supply and the huge demand for the Celadon protocol are expected to thrust Celadon coin prices to unimaginable heights in the next few months.
  • Multi-use: One of the greatest drivers of surging crypto prices is increased use cases, even established coins like BTC and ETH are increased use cases. Even though the Celadon coin is relatively new, the market is convinced that the launch of the NFT marketplace and Celadon DEX will help catapult CELA token prices to new heights. And given its innovative approach to interoperability, it is also expected to be adopted by other DEXs and third-party platforms, further accelerating its value gain.
  • Anti-whale mechanism: The anti-whale mechanism (AWM) adopted by Celadon coin creators is aimed at protecting CELA and its investors from price manipulation. Through this mechanism, Celadon coin creators have solved one of the biggest problems plaguing ICOs, i.e. inequality in the distribution of tokens. And they achieve this by placing a cap on the number of CELA coins one entity can buy.
  • Double Income: Celadon coin also makes it to any investor’s list of what altcoins to invest in today because it lets you earn doubly. Over time, especially after the launch of the Celadon NFT marketplace and Celadon DEX, CELA investors will get to earn doubly from their CELA holdings. This, according to these developers, will be made possible by CELA coin staking and contribution to liquidity pools.

Final Word: What Crypto to Buy

In this post, we have answered the question of what crypto to buy today, and our obvious answer to this was the Celadon Coin. We started by explaining what factors everyone ideally looks out for when deciding what altcoin to invest in. Then we explained what makes the Celadon coin and Celadon ecosystem stand out as the best cryptocurrency to invest in today.

Some of these include the fact that it is still new and not priced in and that it has the anti-whale mechanism in place to protect investors from price manipulation. It also has massive potential to grow in value when the ecosystem launches the DEX. So, by buying Celadon Coin today, you could be setting your portfolio up for a massive value jump over the next few months.