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Every second person in the present time need a personal loan, but with not a good credit score it becomes difficult to get the loan. In order to get a personal loan in Singapore with a bad credit score is very tricky hence we tried to do some research over this. These recommendations are some cheapest options for you to get a personal loan with a bad credit score in Singapore. We have made these ideas by keeping a few points in mind like affordability, low-income loans which will fit the borrowers with low credit.

  • HDFC personal loan- the best personal loan:- HDFC personal loan is the best option to get a loan with a low credit score, here they provide loans with a 7% interest rate which is much affordable than others. Another big thing with HDFC personal loan is that they have the option of repayment with tenure of up to 7 years. This long duration helps you to pay EMIs in a small amount.
  • Go to the cheapest Moneylender, who charges affordable interests:- Many individuals are unable to get a loan from the bank with bad credit, therefore they move towards moneylender. Going to a moneylender for personal loans is not a bad option when you have a bad credit score. Just you have to do is that, go to the moneylender who is licensed and charges affordable interest rates. ‘Landela personal loans’ as a moneylender could be the best option for getting a personal loan. They provide a loan with cheap interest rates; they also don’t need the high-income value of the borrower.
  • POSB/DBS personal loan:- they are the best option when someone needs money urgently, their fast disbursement service provides loans to the borrower in very less time. They also charge a cheap interest rate, which is helpful for the individual who is not earning a very high amount and wants a personal loan.
  • HDFC Personal loans (For foreigners in Singapore):- If you are a foreigner in Singapore, need a personal loan with bad credit then this one is the best option for you. As we already mentioned that HDFC provides long loan repayment tenure, which helps to pay in easy EMIs. You only need to verify yourself, show them your passport, nationality, employment details etc.

The borrower’s age has to be at least 21 years or above to receive the loan and he can be a self-employed person or working in an organisation.

You must also look for debt Consolidation plans in Singapore; they are designed to help the borrower to repay the loan in easy EMIs with lower interest rates. They are the cheaper alternatives to get a loan from the bank, different banks have different debt consolidation plan.

Be practical, be pragmatic, take your loans and fulfil your goals successfully.

Hope these ideas, work for you to  get a personal loan in Singapore with a bad credit score.

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