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Why is it a smart idea to invest in single-family homes for sale in Scottsdale?

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The housing market in Scottsdale, AZ, has been going strong and steady for the last few years. For buyers and investors, this is the opportune time to choose Scottsdale for real estate investment. The realty market here has been showing encouraging trends for several months now.

The category of single-family homes is doing great too in Scottsdale at the moment. You have the choice of choosing from vast available options of place to live here. North Scottsdale will remind you of cowboys amid a typical desert weather condition, while there are the Old Town and the downtown areas. Each area has its own unique feature points that make it an ideal place to invest.

There are gated communities, high-rise apartments, condos, and single-family homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ.

What is a single-family home?

The single-family home is characterized by an independent building and is typically meant for use as a single unit meeting one family’s requirements. For example, it has one kitchen and a few unshared utilities and walls. It is built on a single piece of land, which means that it does not share the land with any other housing unit.

For first-timers and small families, the single-family home is an ideal purchase option. Scottsdale is an amazing place to live in – there are hundreds of reasons to choose ‘the West’s most Western Town’ to invest in and relocate.

Here are some of the reasons why it is smart to invest in single homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ.

  1. As per market statistics, it has been noted that the appreciation value of single homes is much higher than multiple-family units. The trend has been noticed all across the US, and Scottsdale is no alien to this trend.
  2. If you plan to rent out the place, investing in a single-family home is the best choice. Compared to apartments, the rent you get from a stand-alone property like a single-family unit is much higher.
  3. When you rent your single-family unit, there are better chances that your tenant will stay put for a longer time vis-à-vis apartments. The obvious comfort of living in an independent property weighs higher than going in for small-sized apartments.
  4. Many families chose single-family homes to stay in, be it on rent or own it, because there is more space than apartments. There is space to build a kitchen garden, lawn area, room for kids to play. That is why when you buy a single-family home for sale in Scottsdale,you have plenty of opportunities to get good returns on your investment – either by renting the place or selling it off.
  5. The space in a single-family unit is not lavishly spread out. Even the utilities are limited – for example, two toilets, one laundry, one furnace, and so on. Thus, the unit’s maintenance costs are lesser as compared to a multi-family house. It makes the space affordable and easy on your pocket.
  6. Managing a single-family home is not as tedious as a bigger house. Also, unlike in apartments where you need your neighbors to agree to maintenance issues, in the single-family unit, it is your choice how you wish to maintain the property.