10 Awesome Things to Do When I Feel Unloved by My Girlfriend

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Have you ever been ignored by your partner and had no idea how to handle it? Incapable of both expressing and containing it. Even while feeling unloved and unwanted by your partner is a natural sensation in a relationship, not dealing with it properly may be harmful to your relationship and yourself!

What do you do when you feel unloved? So, here are 10 quick fixes to help you overcome the sensation of being “unloved” in a relationship.

  • Evaluate your emotions


Analyze first your own emotions. You may want to consider if you’re feeling this way due to him or anything else. Maybe a terrible day at work? Have you ever felt like this? When? Ask yourself these questions before making any judgments.

  • Discuss it

If you are still feeling unloved and unwanted in a relationship, speak to your partner about it. Communication is the cornerstone to a successful connection! Maybe one nice talk with him would let you understand you were worried for nothing!

  • Be clear

Don’t mince words. Don’t offer him subtle signals and expect him to comprehend. Explain the issue and what is causing you to feel this way. Trust us, he will appreciate your candour!

  • Rewind To Zero

You entered a relationship for a reason—love or at least affection. You may no longer feel like you’re on your honeymoon, but this is perfectly normal. You may reignite your love by infusing some love and passion back into your relationship. Share your early memories, revisit your early date places, and spend time together – and receive some of it back!

  • Avoid defending

Remember the distinction between defensiveness and directness. Directness is a good activity; you know the issue and want to work on a solution. But when you become defensive, your sole goal is to blame the other person! It’s just human nature, not your fault. A solution will be simpler to find and implement if you tone it down.

  • Consider his viewpoint

Yes, you’re unhappy and don’t want to hear anything that contradicts your point of view, but you must hear him out. Listen when he explains why he didn’t accomplish what you anticipated. Is it too fast? Did she not know you were feeling unloved and unwanted? Don’t judge him till he’s explained his behaviour.

  • Make more “together” time

After the talk, find out how to rekindle the flame! So, how can you spend more time? Lunch between workplace breaks? Or a weekend getaway? Whatever sails your boat works — as long as you are having fun together!

  • Be happy

Even if things aren’t going well for you both right now, your connection hasn’t diminished. In order to get through this difficult period, be optimistic. Try these stress-relieving breathing techniques!

  • Record your emotions

If you find it difficult to express yourself verbally, write things down. Include every time you feel ignored and why in a sincere letter to your partner. Remember to keep this letter upbeat. Remind him of your affection, and also express, how you are feeling and that you can’t shake it!

  • Ask friends for guidance

So will your friends. When you feel like no one understands, your girlfriends may be just what you need! Ask them for their opinion on how you are feeling and responding, and you can trust them to be honest.