3 Types of Balinese Traditional Clothes that is Full of Meaning

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The island of Bali is blessed with beautiful landscapes and rich culture. This makes Bali successful in attracting the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Local wisdom that is reflected in the daily life of Balinese people, customs, and their traditional clothes becomes a magnet that makes people amazed and curious.

Balinese traditional clothes are interesting because of the beauty of the colors of the clothes as well as the meaning behind this piece of Balinese cloth or Bali traditional clothes. Let’s get to know more about Balinese traditional clothes! Perhaps we will find other interesting things from the traditional clothes of the Island of the Gods.

3 Types of Traditional Balinese Clothing

If you pay attention, traditional Balinese clothes are clothes that display beautiful distinctive colors. These colors become more aesthetic when combined with complementary decorations or accessories that make the wearer look charming.

In general, Balinese people decorate themselves with sumpang flowers, which are inserted into the hair. This fragrant flower has beautiful colors and shapes. Women usually wear the flower on both ears and as a crown decoration, while men wear the flower on the left earlobe or on both ears.

  1. Payas Alit

Payas Alit or Nista’s traditional clothes are the lowest levels of traditional clothes. The word alit or Nista in Indonesian means small. In a sense, these clothes are simple clothes worn every day, including when doing daily prayers.

Payas Alit is a traditional Balinese dress worn by ordinary people such as fishermen or farmers. This outfit displays a simple and elegant impression. In addition, Balinese usually wear Payas Alit when they worship at the temple.

The hallmark of Payas Alit is the color of his clean white clothes. Payas Alit is equipped with a scarf and kamen for women. While for men, Payas Alit is equipped with a decoration on the head or Udeng and Kamen.

  1. Payas Madya

Payas Madya is a mid-level Balinese traditional dress. These clothes are worn for daily activities and worship rituals. Payas Madya can be worn when welcoming guests and party events. There are no absolute rules for using Payas Madya.

Therefore, its use is more flexible and can be worn on other occasions. The word madya means middle. This outfit is not so fancy but not simple either. How to use it should not be too strict.

Payas Madya can also only use a shirt or shirt for the boss, while for the subordinates wearing a scarf and kamen.

The use of Payas Madya will give a manly impression on men and will look beautiful on women.

  1. Payas Agung

This is the payas with the highest level in Bali. Payas Agung is a symbol of luxury and glamor, so he is placed at the highest level above Payas Madya and Payas Alit.

In the days of the Balinese kingdom, Payas Agung was worn by royalty and the royal family. Now, Payas Agung can be worn by anyone during a wedding or pre-wedding ceremony.

Payas Agung has three types of designs that are distinguished by their royal origin. The three designs are Payas Agung Badung, Payas Agung Karangasem, and Payas Agung Buleleng.

Payas Agung Badung is also known as Payas Agung Denpasar. This is the most popular payas model as a traditional Balinese bridal attire. The mention of Payas Agung Denpasar is due to the geographical location of the Badung kingdom in Denpasar.

Payas Agung should not be imposed carelessly. Its role as the highest level of clothing makes Payas Agung worn with care and completeness. Payas Agung has three main color combinations, namely red, gold and white and a large crown as a compliment.

In addition to Payas Agung, which is worn during the wedding ceremony, Payas Agung is also worn for tooth-cutting ceremonies for Balinese teenagers who are growing up. This payas is called Payas Agung Metatah.

Balinese people wear clothes that have their purpose: to wrap the body in the embodiment of Bhuana Alit. As is the case with a typical Balinese expression, “Holy is beautiful, but beautiful is not necessarily holy.”

The above is an explanation of several types of traditional Balinese clothing. Of course, other parts of Indonesia also have traditional clothes and accessories that are no less diverse. This certainly makes Indonesia ricexcitingsting culture.

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