3 Ways Companies Can Adapt Their Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

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Between social distancing, self-isolation and remote work, for brands and marketers navigating the COVID-19 crisis, simply reaching the customer has become a challenge.  In the current climate where marketing strategies have shifted and out-of-touch or tone-deaf messaging can be the fastest way to alienate a client base, how then should marketers navigate the post-pandemic landscape?

Although the answers are never exactly clear cut, there are a few things that marketers need to do right now in order to keep momentum and gain a competitive advantage during these uncertain times.

Let’s take a look.


No matter what marketing strategy your company has up its sleeve, it’s important to reassure customers that the organization is doing everything it can to stay relevant to their current needs during the pandemic.

Whether it’s through posting a message or a video on the company website and social media platforms or producing a new television ad,  Mark Lieberman, President and CEO, Viamedia says, “Apply a calming, reassuring tone with a positive message (as a welcome reprieve from the seemingly 24/7 negative news).”

Get Creative:

Even though during the current health crisis your customer may not be buying, they are still engaging.  That’s why marketers need to get creative with their outreach.

Marketing strategies should center on using content to create powerful online connections. By speaking to your customers’ concerns you can facilitate an ongoing conversation, which can be just as powerful as face-to-face interactions.

Neha Singh, who is managing director of marketing and innovation at BAM Communications explains, “DJs are throwing virtual parties. Yoga instructors are teaching on Zoom. Chefs are cooking up a storm on IG Live. Likewise, brands have a wealth of resources and opportunities to connect with their communities.”

Learn New Skills:

Shelter in place orders has certainly given many companies and their leadership opportunities to learn new skills.  Instead of queuing up your next Netflix documentary, why not consider tapping into one of the many available free marketing resources that are being offered during COVID-19?

For example, a number of companies are making software and educational resources available to businesses during these current times.  G. Scott Paterson, a Toronto-based business leader and technology entrepreneur, knows that taking the time to learn more about video production and editing or paid ad strategy can be extremely pertinent to your customer base and are all great educational time investments for growing your business now and in the future.

Bottom line is, during times of crisis, marketers must focus less on pushing sales and instead on building trust with their audience.  Even in times of crisis, marketers can continue to thrive by building a strong foundation for long-lasting customer-brand relationships.