4 essential health considerations if you’re looking to have plastic surgery

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If you’re thinking of opting for a cosmetic surgery procedure, one thing that will be advised to you is that you need to be physically and mentally healthy to be accepted. Certified plastic surgeons will first and foremost make sure that your safety is top priority before anything else.

You need to be aware of some health considerations and risks associated with procedures to help determine whether it’s something that you’re suitable for. Here are some health factors to consider before your plastic surgery Manchester-based.

Be truthful about your allergies

During your consultation, you’ll go through a health assessment to determine the condition of your health and whether you’ve had any issues in the past. This will include discussing your allergies. You need to be as honest as possible about this as drugs and dressings will be provided by the practice to help support your recovery.

Even small reactions that have come from watch straps or jewellery can provide them with an indication of what to expect before the surgery and how they can best care for you.

You’ll need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking

It tends to surprise patients just how much of a negative impact alcohol and smoking can have on procedures but it can have an impact before, during and even after some time of the surgery. Nicotine can shrink your blood vessels which can be dangerous for your recovery as blood is required to the areas in your body that have lost it the most. If the blood supply is restricted, it can hinder your recovery after the surgery.

It’s recommended that you should stop around 6 weeks before and after the surgery to reduce risk of bleeding and prevent any interference with your anaesthesia.

Watch your BMI

Whilst some procedures help with removing excess skin such as a tummy tuck Manchester, your body mass index still needs to be reasonable in order for the surgeon to conduct a safe and effective procedure. If you’re overweight or obese and are looking to have cosmetic surgery, this can put the body on more strain and potentially put you at more risk of complications.

During your consultation, your BMI will be assessed and you may be advised to lose weight if necessary in order for your surgeon to perform the surgery to the best of their ability. You’ll be guided on the best ways to lose weight safely and place you at an ideal body weight to go ahead with the procedure.

Don’t forget about the emotional aspects

It’s not only the physical aspects that you have to consider with cosmetic surgery. There is also the risk of the impact it can have on your mental health too. Even the most prepared patient can feel some form of anxiety just before the procedure.

If you feel pain or swelling during your recuperation, it can have an emotional impact on your physically and mentally so it’s important that you try to prepare yourself as best as you can. Your surgeon will be responsible for your emotional wellbeing to ensure you’re stable to go through with the surgery. They may suggest you to go through a psychological screening and it’s up to them to make sure they provide you with all the information that you need to know about your surgery.