4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Office Style

2 Mins read

While office dress codes may vary from business casual to business professional, there are always things that we can do to boost our style. Who said office outfits have to be dull and monotone? It is, in fact, surprisingly easy to dress professionally while also creating looks that make you feel like a million dollars.

When it comes to style, the secret is always in the details. This article is all about the little tricks and tips that can transform an average office outfit into an incredible one.

Perfect Fit Is the Key

Elegance starts from the proper fit that enhances all body types and brings out the best in everyone. Without it nothing else really matters as the ill-fitting clothes are going to be the first thing people notice and also remember.

Great fit means a perfect balance between the closeness, the comfort, and the placement of all the pivotal fit points (sleeves, hemline, shoulder seams). Well-fitting clothes follow your silhouette without emphasizing every bump and curve while also not being too baggy. They provide enough room for normal movement giving you the comfortable feel you need to get through your workday with elegance and confidence.

Getting the fit right makes a huge difference. Even if it is the only thing that you change about your office outfits, it will go most of the way toward a more stylish appearance.

Include a Statement Piece

Clean lines and simplicity are the fundamental elements of office style but just because it is minimalistic, doesn’t mean it should be boring. An effective way to add a unique touch to any outfit is to do it with an interesting and attractive statement piece.

A statement piece is any eye-catching clothing item or accessory that shows off your taste and brings a different dynamic to a minimalistic outfit. It can be anything from a pair of brightly coloured shoes to a unique necklace. It can even be something as simple as a white dress shirt  if it has a striking detail like ruffles or French cuffs to make an outfit pop.

When styling with a statement piece, it is important to remember to only include one per outfit and to make sure that it jazzes up the outfit without overpowering the rest of the look.

Embrace Colours and Patterns

Neutrals are generally safe colours for office but with the majority wearing the same tones, it might be a good idea to incorporate some vibrant colours and patterns into your outfits. A more colourful outfit can inspire you and also lift your mood.

The easiest and safest way to test this idea would be the top. Try combining the grey pant suit with a bright pink top, for instance. A bright top creates a main focal point, adds a cheerful element to the outfit, and can be impactful against the neutral backdrop.

A simple rule for incorporating coloured items into the office style is that the brighter the colour the more modest the design. Any brightly coloured item with elaborate design will most probably look out of place in the office environment. On the other hand, a classic women’s dress shirt with floral pattern or bolder colour would be an excellent choice for spicing up an outfit.

Play with Your Shoes and Bag

Your shoes and bag provide an excellent opportunity to boost your office outfits and to accentuate your personal style. To instantly enhance your style, invest in something newer, cleaner, or nicer – or all of the above.

In Conclusion

It is worth taking the time to re-think your office style and to figure out your personal approach to boosting the work outfits. After all, being happy with the way you look translates to confidence and comfort, and makes you feel that you can achieve anything. We all need more of that in our lives.