4 Types of Bail in the United States

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It is estimated that there are approximately 2.2 million Americans in jail, and that approximately 50 percent are non-violent offenders. Many are there because bail is out of reach due to poverty or other concerns. There are many kinds of bail offered in the United States that can make a pre-trial release more possible. If you are worried about struggling to make bail for yourself or a loved one, know that options such as a cash bail bond can make a difference in your life. Learn more here about the various kinds of bail available to Americans today.

Unsecured and Surety Bonds

Unsecured and surety bonds do not require any money upfront. You can get out of jail without funding, but you may have a dollar value attached to your file in the case of a surety bond. In these types of bonds, you are given conditions at a bail hearing as conditions of your release. If you violate those conditions, you may go back to jail and be required to pay a fine then.

Bond Payments

Bond payments occur when you are given a set amount of bail at your bail hearing and you pay that immediately to get out of jail. Your lawyer, family, or friend, will be permitted to pay your bail. If you make your court appearances and comply with your conditions, you may have this money refunded to you when your case is done.

Cash Bail Bonds

Cash bail bonds have become a standard way to ensure you have the bail to be released from jail. This is a loan for your bail that gets you or your loved one out of jail. You will have to make a down payment on the loan amount, which is generally set as a percentage of the bail amount.

The cash bail bonds agent will pay the court the full amount of your bail. They will be the agents that get the refund from the court when you make your court appearances. You do not get your deposit returned, that is your fee to the bond agent for using that service. If you miss a court date, the bond agent will not get money back from the court. Then, you will owe the bonds agent the entirety of your bail.

Call a Cash Bail Bonds Agent Today

If you or a loved one needs to get out of jail, call a bail bonds agent today. They can help you with very little money down.