4 Types of Cranes Used At Construction Sites

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There are plenty of crane types that are utilized in the constructions. Cranes have a long history of being a staple in the construction works from thousands of years ago. With time, cranes have witnessed a drastic evolution, and now the presence of types of cutting-edge cranes is benefitting a lot to several industries. One of these industries is civil engineering. There are specific types of overhead cranes made for different purposes or useat construction sites.

Construction requires excessive heavy lifting, which was done through humans many decades ago. Ever since various technologies have taken place in the modern world, it has entirely eliminated the need for human labour. Apart from making the construction works rapid, efficient, and seamless, cranes allowed the companies to save a considerable amount of time and money.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the types of cranes often used in the construction site.

  1. Gantry Crane

It’s one of the biggest cranes in the class of cranes, which is supported by two frame steel legs. The whole structure of the crane is typically built on atrack that makes it movable. It possesses the ability to lift a tremendous amount of weight of over 5 tons.

  1. Bridge Crane

Also known as the overhead crane, a bridge craneis generally used for the refinement of steel, copper, and other metals. Bridge cranes are capable enough to lift the exceedingly heavy loads. Some of its benefits are improved ergonomics, improved load control, customizability, no floor obstructions, increased safety, and much more.

  1. Fixed Cranes

As the name suggests itself, fixed cranes are the type of cranes that are fixed at a particular spot. Unlike other types of cranes, its parts are delivered on the site and assembled then and there. These cranes can also lift massive weights and can also take them to greater heights.

  1. Rough Terrain Crane

It’s a travelling crane, which is basically mounted on an undercarriage along with 4 rubber tires that are specifically made for off-road operations. Most commonly, these cranes are used in construction sites with craploads of dirt, uneven and rocky terrain. Its capability to travel around the sites with heavy loads set it apart from the other ones.

The above listed are just four types of cranes used for construction sites. However, there are a lot more types of it as well that can take too long to cover here. In case if you’re planning to buy one, you must purchase it from a credible company that does not offer extortionate prices. Therefore, we’ve come up with “LoadMate”.

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