4 Ways to Build an Innovative Mining Business

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Resourceful and resilient – this is how the mining industry is expected to perform despite the pandemic. In a report by PwC about mining outlook, it has been highlighted that the industry is poised to show financial stability amidst the turbulent times. This is a good indication that mining is a profitable business. However, not everyone who enters this sector will flourish. To increase the chances of success, innovation is crucial. Read on and we’ll talk about some of the best ways to become innovative.

  • Invest in Dust Misting Cannons

There is a long list of equipment every mining company should have. However, one that should not be missed is a misting cannon. As the name implies, it produces fine water particles that will saturate dust right at the source, preventing it from being a health and environmental hazard. It is a great way to minimize the contributions of the mining business to air and water pollution while also promoting a safer workplace. If you are looking for top-notch dust misting cannons to use in a mining site, make sure to check out

  • Equip Workers with Wearables

Innovation in mining is also possible by providing wearables to the workers. It is a great investment that can reap a multitude of benefits. From environmental monitoring to employee training, wearables are promising. It can provide real-time information about the workers, making it easier to track their health and respond accordingly when an intervention is necessary. It can also be used to track their specific location, which is useful in emergency responses. More so, wearables are also helpful in efficient resource tracking.

  • Fly Drones

Commercial drones are changing the way mining sites operate. It isn’t a futuristic concept. Rather, it is the present. Especially in large mining sites, drones can be used to search for employees and respond easily in case of an emergency. They are also useful for surveying the area, which is crucial for proper planning. It can map out the mining site within minutes! The collection of aerial data is possible without the need for expensive equipment as long as you have a capable drone.

  • Go Paperless

Like in other industries, mining sites are rushing to go paperless to become more sustainable. Offices no longer rely on paper-heavy activities, such as when it comes to issuing memos and creating documents. Almost everything can now be done digitally. The best thing is that digital documents are accessible anytime and anywhere. It can also improve communication and collaboration while being eco-friendly at the same time. This does not happen overnight, but a gradual process.

The mining industry is promising in terms of profitability but can also be challenging to navigate. Especially if you are new in this sector, success can be elusive. To increase the chances of overtaking the competition, be innovative. From investing in wearables to flying drones, take note of our recommendations above to embrace innovation.