5 Amazing Benefits of Using Hibiscus for Hair

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You are no less than Hibiscus!

Have you ever wondered how flowers help our hair by showering their magic on us? Well, we have made a list of some amazing hibiscus benefits for hair. Hibiscus not only prevents split-ends but also keeps hair healthy and conditioned which thickens and volumizes hair, treats dandruff, and decreases hair loss. 

Ayurveda itself has a rich history but it has brought wonders to existence and which has helped many. It is said that the extracts of hibiscus are used in various forms, out of which, one is for hair regrowth. 

We have listed down 5 Amazing hibiscus benefits for hair only for you-

1. Acts as Anti-aging

Hibiscus delays premature greying of hair as it is rich in natural pigments, antioxidants, and vitamins. This gives a crimson tinge to one`s hair and can bring the deep and dark colour with shiny hair.

2. Shields scalp from external damages

Hibiscus flower has been filled with some fantastic resilient properties which keep our scalp protected from bacteria, chemical damage, and temperature change. It kicks off the dirt and grime and nourishes hair and scalp with its own amazing properties.

3. Keeps your scalp hydrated

Hibiscus is almost a cure in all ways as it acts as a one-stop solution for hair and scalp. The constant change in weather conditions leaves the scalp dry which loosens up the tightness of hair and roots. Hibiscus restores this as it bridges the gap by keeping our scalp hydrated. A good combination of Hair and scalp cleanser and conditioner which involves ingredients like virgin king coconut oil, keekirindiya, neem and hibiscus, and godapara like Coco Soul`s hair and scalp cleanser and conditioner is the best addon to the hair care routine. 

4. Acts as a natural cleanser

It acts as an ultra-emollient that traps moisture in your hair and restores the spark in your hair strands. As it builds a layer of protection, shields from the environmental alien particles and dirt which eventually acts as a natural cleanser and kicks off the dirt and dandruff caused by dryness by naturally hydrating the scalp.

5. Regulates sebaceous glands

Sebaceous glands are the glands present in the body which releases a substance called sebum, which means oil- it lubricates the hair follicles and gets deep in the layers of the scalp which eventually boosts the blood circulation and causes hair growth. We can say it’s a cycle in itself. Hibiscus balances the activity of glands which keeps the process of nourishment alive and rich. Which also leaves our hair smooth, soft, shiny, and fresh.

As mentioned above, those were the benefits of hibiscus to hair and uses of virgin coconut oil. Both hibiscus and virgin coconut hair oil have remarkable properties which give out the best result. Hence one should rather consider cruelty-free, natural, and organic products like Coco Soul. 

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