5 Beauty Trends for this Strange 2021

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Even though we are not allowed to go out of our homes most of the time because of the Covid-19 pandemics, we still have social media. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other popular image and video-oriented platforms are here to let us feel beautiful.

For those who do have the chance to go out, even better. It’s the new 2021 and everything’s changed. Fashion is also changed. We’re here to talk more about the beauty trends that are going to be rocking this season. Follow up if you want to know a little more about them!

1. Fun nail designs

What is better than having cool nails? Having extra cool nails, that’s what is. This season you will see some nail designs that are going to be fun, outgoing, and even childish. This is all a part of the trend that’s developing right now. Girls with painted fun nail designs are taking over the internet.

2. Colored eyes

You’ll see lots of girls with bold and fearless colors around their eyes. This is a year for making a statement, so make sure you get your pieces out of the drawer. If they are outdated because you stayed home for so long, it’s time to go through Doll Beauty and find what you need. Start painting around the eyes and have some fun.

3. Minimalism in make-up

Keeping your original skin tone is the perfect thing to do and still be trending. This is a year when we’re having the term skinimalism introduced. First seen on Pinterest, it is a way to encourage empowering women to let go of those deep façades they keep doing to make themselves look prettier. Instead, wear the least make possible and keep being trendy.

4. Curtain bangs

It’s the 80s all over again. We’re going to see so many curtain bangs this year, that those who are not very fond of them should prepare themselves for the shock. The bangs are back in town. Make sure you have the tools to make things happen.

5. Warm color hairdos

Another thing that is hair-related. We are going to see girls dye their hair into warm colors. We’ll see red and all variants of it everywhere around us. Get ready for the red section of Instagram. Girls with red bangs are going to rock the place. This is perfect for all those who wanted to experiment but were not sure about it.


These few are going to be everywhere around you. If you want to be trendy and stylish, this is what you need to do. Go ahead and explore your options and make sure you feel beautiful at any moment doing it. Check out more about the 2021 fashion on this link.

Follow these few trends and be sure that you’ll be recognized as a trendsetter. After you, tons of girls are going to wear that type of bangs, and have red-colored hair. Starting first gives you the advantage.