5 best Chinese drama for beginners | romantic comedies Cdrama

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Chinese dramas have been branching out into new genres, ranging from heartwarming romances to enthralling historical adventures to suspenseful thrillers. These dramas feature charismatic actors in gripping stories with exquisite costumes and cinematography. If you’re new to Asian dramas or aren’t sure which ones to watch, here are some recommendations based on the most popular offerings.

Two college students fall in love on campus, but they have no idea that their avatars in an online game’s virtual world have already married. You’ll get to meet two of China’s highest rising young actors also: Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang.

Boss and me

The drama revolves around Xue Shan Shan, a young office lady, and her boss, Feng Teng. Shan Shan received an urgent call from the hospital late one night. She was asked to give a blood transfusion to Feng Yue, her boss’s younger sister. Feng Teng offered Shan Shan lunch every day as a token of his gratitude. The bond between Feng Teng and Shan Shan grew stronger.

Ode to joy

Circumstances intervene, allowing five women of various personalities, professions, and backgrounds to become friends. Observe how they assist one another in solving problems, learning from their mistakes, and finding the strength to achieve their romantic and life goals.

Scarlet heart

A modern girl awakens in the body of a Qing dynasty aristocratic lady. She falls in love with not one, but two of the era’s most powerful princes. Will her relationship with the princes have an impact on history? Is she ever going to return to the twenty-first century?

Ten miles of peach blossoms

The original Chinese title, also known as “Eternal Love,” literally translates to “Three Lives Three Loves Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.” You won’t find a love that lasts as long as the one between the Celestial Crown Prince Ye Hua and the High Goddess White Fox Princess Bai Qian (played by international star Mark Chao).

C-dramas happen to be based on novels frequently, providing them a broader range of themes and a more modern feel than their Korean counterparts. On the other hand, the storey is frequently disjointed and can shift focus from the main characters to secondary characters in an endless loop (ex: Ashes of Love).

Female characters in contemporary and historical c-drama have distinct differences. Almost without exception, the female character in historical and fantasy c-dramas is strong and independent. She is frequently a ruler, a war strategist, or a general who leads armies into battle. She does, however, rely on her male counterpart, whether they are monarchs, commoners, or supernatural beings, to achieve their common goals.

On the other hand, in contemporary dramas, the female character is frequently naive, volatile, and over the top (ex: My Little Princess, I Cannot Hug You). Fortunately, dramas like “My Sunshine” and “Negotiator” are exceptions.

In a ซีรี่ย์จีน พากย์ไทย, the love storey is less predictable. It’s not infrequent for the hero of the story to fall in love for somebody by the drama end (Princes Agents, The Sound of the Desert). The concept of love is based on personal attraction rather than fate. However, this love-bond can sometimes be so strong that it transcends time, resulting in the lovers reuniting centuries later.