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5 best wood for carving signs

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Custom wood signs are made with wood, but some are made from wood. Carved signs show the messages directly from the wood, and if done right, looks better and is more aesthetically pleasing than other custom signs. But to get it right, you first need the right woods. Unlike custom wood signs made with wood, carved signs require specific types of wood. These woods have all the elements of making your custom wood signs durable, both indoors and outdoors, and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get to it then.

1. Redwood

Although scarce, Redwood is one of the best choices for carving custom wood signs. Redwood is not only durable but resistant to insects and harsh weather conditions. Also, Redwood has this natural beauty and adds color to his surroundings. Redwood can last for decades without shrink, decay, and with the right handling, crack. However, redwood has its downfalls. This stunning wood is quite expensive, especially due to its scarcity. But, redwood is easy to carve as it is soft and has a tight grain.

2. Cedar

Another durable option for custom wood signs is cedarwood. Cedarwood is strong, insect resistant, and not susceptible to harsh weather conditions, making it a great option for the outdoors. Cedar is also resistant to fading and staining, making it perfect for custom signs that you plan on having for a long time. Cedar is soft, making it perfect for carving. However, cedar can be expensive but trust us, you’ll be getting great value for your money.

3. Pinewood

Unlike the others, pinewood is easily accessible and incredibly cheap. Pinewood is also soft, making it perfect for carving. It has a natural resistance to rot, and decay and pinewood are some of the finest woods in the market. It is naturally pleasing to the eyes, making it a good option for custom wood signs that may be competitive for the attention of viewers and passersby.

4. Cypress

Cypress is another great option for carving custom wood signs. It is workable to create whatever design you desire, has high resistance against rot, it’s durable. What’s more, cypress wood is cheap, can be easily accessed, and is aesthetically pleasing. However, Cypress is toxic to the environment and has an offensive odor.

5. Plywood

Last but definitely not least is Plywood. Plywood is used by millions across the country for its firmness and relative durability. Plywood is mostly suitable for indoor custom wood signs