5 Cool and Amazing Auto Accessories

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Cars hold a special corner in our hearts and lives. We spend a significant amount of time of our day in the car for different purposes, including commuting to & from our workplaces, heading for vacations and what not! This is why we need some cool and amazing car auto accessories that would not just make the car a smart automobile but also make it more comfortable for a leisurely ride.

Car accessories are additional products that play an important role in the whole process of car care. However, finding relevant yet quality auto accessories can be a tiresome task.

This is why we are here with a list of 5 cool and amazing auto accessories that would ensure good looks as well as comfort in your car.

1. Car Cushion Cover

We know you’re wondering how a car cushion cover helps you in the car. We have just written the heading “Car Cushion Cover” to draw your attention towards the USPs of this auto accessory.

This is a car cushion cover offered to you by Etchcraft Emporium and it’s really soft and comfortable to support your back while driving or enjoying the ride. And, this car cushion comes with a cotton cover which is the centre of focus of this product. It has a car design stitched on the surface and the number plate of the car is made of stainless steel that can be further personalized as per a custom text or VIN. This makes it a superb car collectible.

2. Car Bins

Nothing can be worse than a smelly and untidy car. The only thing that prevents your car fragrance does its work is leftover chips, bread, or other foodstuffs that are lying here and there on the seats and floor of the car.

If you want to get rid of this unpleasant smell in your car then get a car bin. When you have a car bin inside your car then you can dump the wrappers and unwanted foodstuffs in the bin and empty it once you reach home.

3. Car Keychain

A car keychain is truly a cool auto accessory that not just keeps the keys safe but also shows your love for the car. Etchcraft Emporium has added an amazing product to their stock i.e. Customized Number Plate Car Keychain.

You can get a car keychain that is shaped just like your car and even has your VIN engraved on it. For instance, if you’ve a Ford Ecosport then your car keychain will be shaped like that specific car model.

4. Pressure Pumps

It is always a good thing to carry an air pressure pump in your car so you can immediately repair your deflated tyres anytime. This is necessary for keeping the tyres of your car in a good condition and ensuring your safety while driving.

5. Sun Shades for Windows

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to escape from the glare and heat of the sun then you should buy good quality sun shades or sun visors. The best part is that they are quite affordable yet practical to reduce the amount of heat coming into the car.


We love all these auto accessories and own them personally because they are one of the most important accessories for any car. Do let us know in the comment section whether you liked our suggestions for auto accessories or not.

Also, list down other auto accessories that you think are important for a car owner to have for his/her car.