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5 Distinctive Features of Washington DC Luxury Homes

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Ever wonder about the exact features that make an ordinary home into a luxury home? These homes are naturally more valuable and more expensive than the rest. We have outlined five distinct features to help you identify the characteristics of luxury homes in DC. These features may serve as a guideline for you to perform the necessary changes that can help you transform your own home into a high-end property.

Amazing View

One of the hallmarks of luxury homes is the surreal view that no other property has access to. These views may be an overview of the skyline or sprawling and lush greenery. The houses are situated in peaceful locations, which are undoubtedly valuable. Tenants can enjoy the relaxing view to unwind. This gives the house a fantastic ambiance that no other property can match.

State-Of-The-Art Kitchens

Another marker of a luxury home is a high-end kitchen filled with the latest appliances. The kitchen is spacious and filled with a wide range of appliances for cooking. The kitchen is enough to make any professional chef happy and cook comfortably. There are huge windows to promote ventilation. The large floor area allows one to move around and cook. There is also a kitchen island that doubles as a workstation and a breakfast bar.

Spacious Home Plan

The house is built with enough space, and it is apparent in the spacious rooms. Each room has high ceilings and more than enough space to walk around. The house is divided into several rooms to serve your needs—the furniture compliments such an ample space. Overall, the house is built with luxury and functionality in mind. Most DC luxury homes look incredibly modern and high-end. The usual theme is minimalist with dark accents.

Smart Home Gadgets

High-end homes have smart home gadgets. These include motion sensor lights, automated gates, high-quality security systems, intercom, and more. These make living comfortable and more accessible since one can efficiently perform tasks with the help of technology and smart gadgets. This automation adds a luxurious feel simply because they’re the latest gadgets and often cost a lot.

Home Décor

Luxury homes follow specific home décor that will make you automatically assume that they are luxurious. These high-end homes do not have a lot of colorful items, save for the expensive art hanging on the walls. Most home décor is minimalist and clean. Other things come from designer companies. There are not a lot of trendy home décor in rich houses.

Top-Level Security

The security system protects both the property as well as the tenants residing in them. This could be comprised of personnel manning the entrances as well as CCTV cameras scattered around the property. The doors have smart locks and durable locks that secure them at multiple points. There may also be a safe for protecting important documents and valuables, like jewelry.

These are the distinct features of luxury homes in DC. Browse excellent examples with