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5 Famous Luxury Home Designs Found in Washington DC

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Most folks tend to see Washington DC as a straight-laced city and somber national monuments everywhere. Yet an undeniable fact is Washington DC is home to millions of people and some of the most magnificent architecture you have ever come across.

Luxury Homes Washington DC means different things to several people. This part of the country has a reputation for its upscale properties, from simple antique manors to highly ornate and showy condos and penthouse lofts.

A walk through this neighborhood will introduce you to some famous luxury home designs in Washington DC. Even with the famous neo-classical home designs, you would always see, the nation’s capital boasts of more amazing modern masterpieces styles than one might first think. But we would narrow our focus down to the five famous luxury home designs found in Washington DC.


Federal-style buildings are by far one of the most popular home designs. The inspiration of these homes is from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. These homes can be easily distinguished by their straight lines, simple facades, lack of ornamentation, and low stoop. Federal homes tend to be classy but modest and are usually two stories tall with two or three bedrooms. You can find them in Capitol Hill and Burleith.


Beaux-Art is a more ornamented luxury homes Washington DC architectural style. It became a result of the Renaissance movement and is a sub-category of Neoclassical styles. Beaux-Art is a French-inspired style popular with architects who studied in French. Most of these houses were constructed between 1890 and 1930 to be symmetrical, formal, and exquisite. You can identify them with the columns, railings, balconies, cornices, lavish ornate sculptures of animals, flowers, and shields with marble, granite, intricate ironwork, and carved wood. Examples of this style are the Union Station, Mayflower hotel, Library of Congress, and several other private mansions and embassies in the Kalorama neighborhood.


Contemporary home designs tend to be a direct opposite of the traditional Washington DC classical architectural style. Most homes of this sort are window-filled, clean-lined, dramatic windows and open-concept interiors. The designs are geometric angles (inside and out), glass, concrete, and steel, to create a futuristic feel. The contemporary buildings are of limited ornamentals and can sometimes appear cold. Some include the Arena Stage, the House of Sweden, the Hirshhorn Museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and much more.


The origin of the Tudor home design was during the times of the Tudor monarchs in the United Kingdom. Houses of this style appear to have pointed roofs, gables with dark wood trim, and a medieval look and feel. It is a largely transitional building style, and due to its distinct vertical lines, it was referred to as perpendicular Gothic. In Washington DC, you will find examples of the Tudor home designs in Petworth and Mount Pleasant.


Most people coming to this part of the country don’t always expect to see the Bungalow home styles since it’s more dominant in states like Florida, Hawaii, or California. However, the bungalow is another famous luxury home design in Washington DC. These homes appeared in the 20th century featuring a single story, low-pitched roofs, and shaded verandas. Right now, you can find houses like this in Del Ray and Takoma Park.

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