5 Habits Adversely Affecting Your Sexual Health And Products That Can Help

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When it comes to sexual health, most people take it for granted. But whether you want to accept it or not, there are numerous habits that make a significant impact on your sexual health. Some for good, others for worse. Therefore, what is most necessary is to understand the facts that directly affect your sexual life. Only when you are aware of the practises that are damaging your sexual health can you find a right solution for it. 

Although there are Bold Care products for sexual wellness, you must also keep a check on certain practises that affect your sexual health. Some of these habits you should immediately get out of are as follows: 


Smoking worsens almost every problem in the body. It is one of the most harmful habits which a person should immediately get rid of. No wonder then, smoking also affects your sexual health in numerous ways. Men who smoke are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than those who do not. Furthermore, the harmful toxins in tobacco also reduce the sperm count and can damage the fertility even of an otherwise healthy person. So, if you are in the habit of smoking, this is one practise you should immediately get rid of. 

Poor Diet

Not eating enough healthy foods or eating too much junk food can adversely affect your sexual life. One of the reasons for this is that junk food hinders the production of normal hormones in the body that directly affects the sexual life of a person. Moreover, problems such as weight gain and high cholesterol associated with junk food can contribute to erectile dysfunction. While erectile dysfunction can be treated with Bold Care products such as Progeny tablets, it is also important to put a check on unhealthy foods for effective results. 

Lack of Exercise

Living a poor lifestyle makes life difficult in so many ways. Not exercising or doing it very little is going to impact your sexual health drastically. People who do not exercise are more likely to have obesity and therefore erectile dysfunction. The blood flow is also compromised which again is not a good sign for your sexual health. Hence, it is important to get over this habit of doing little exercise. Your body needs it to maintain a well-balanced body as well as a healthy sexual life.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep has also been a factor responsible for affecting your sexual health. Although there is no such direct relation of sleep with your sexual health but indirectly it leaves a significant mark. Lack of sleep triggers mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It is these mental health issues which lead to creating sexual health problems. They directly affect your sexual health in numerous ways. For instance, with depression and anxiety due to lack of sleep, you will not feel much sexual desire and there will be problems related to arousal as well. Apart from getting enough sleep, another way in which you can help yourself is by using Bold Care products for sexual wellness. 


If your daily life involves work that gets you all stressed then it is high time you take the matter seriously. Stress can increase the cortisol levels in the body which inhibits testosterone. The result is that you will have difficulty in getting an erection and the libido levels will also decrease. You can try Bold Care products as they help in reducing stress, depression and other such mental health problems. With these products, you will get newfound energy levels and improved libido levels. 

Getting rid of these harmful habits is most important if you want your sexual health on the right track. Bold Care products for sexual wellness can only be highly effective if they are complemented with proper lifestyle changes.